Peru approves hiring of another new patrol officer

Additional officer is needed due to the city’s growth, police chief says.

Peru Police Department

The Peru Police Department will be hiring a new patrol officer following City Council approval during Monday’s council meeting.

Peru Mayor Ken Kolowski said that he thinks the additional officer is a need for the city and he is fully on board with the addition.

“If I’m being totally honest, I was about 50/50, but then after speaking with [Chief Sarah Raymond], I think this is a need,” he said. “It’s needed for the city of Peru for the safety of our citizens and for our officers.”

In January, Raymond told the council they may be working short staffed until January 2025, after an officer gave her notice and another opening would become available soon, leaving the department two patrol officers short.

The department has 25 sworn officers, three command, four patrol sergeants, four detectives, one school resource officer and 13 officers on patrol with four officers working and a cover officer per shift, Raymond said in an email.

Raymond said the additional officer is needed due to the city’s growth and having another patrol officer increases the ability for safety and security.

“We have had to change our structure as well, including taking a patrol officer and placing them in the detective division due to the number of cases we have been getting,” she said. “This new officer will help replace that position on patrol, putting us back at the full staffing level for our department.”

Princeton native, Tyler Wolf, was sworn-in as an officer during the April 8 meeting. Raymond said the city is looking for only one additional hire.

The starting base salary for a Peru officer is $61,955, Raymond said. The union is currently in contract negotiations with the city.

A new officer with no experience will need to attend a certified police academy for 16 weeks and, upon graduation, will undergo a 14- to 16-week field training officer period.

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