Common Kids’ Sports Injuries and the Need for Orthopedic Consultation

XCEL Orthopedics, a Division of Rochelle Community Hospital - Common Kids’ Sports Injuries and the Need for Orthopedic Consultation

Participation in sports is a vital part of a child’s development, promoting physical fitness, teamwork, and discipline. However, with the excitement of sports comes the risk of injuries. Understanding common sports injuries in kids and recognizing the importance of orthopedic consultation and treatment can ensure your child stays healthy and active.

1. Sprains and Strains. Sprains and strains are among the most common sports injuries in children. Sprains occur when ligaments are stretched or torn, often due to falls or twists. Strains involve muscles or tendons being overstretched. Symptoms include pain, swelling, and limited movement. Prompt orthopedic consultation can help in accurate diagnosis and effective treatment, preventing long-term damage.

2. Fractures. Bone fractures, or broken bones, are frequent in high-impact sports like football, basketball, and gymnastics. Kids’ bones are still growing, making them more susceptible to breaks. Fractures require immediate medical attention to ensure proper healing and to avoid complications. An orthopedic specialist will determine the best course of treatment, which may include casting or, in severe cases, surgery.

3. Growth Plate Injuries. Children have growth plates, which are areas of developing cartilage tissue near the ends of long bones. These plates are weaker than the rest of the bone and are prone to injury. Growth plate injuries can affect future bone growth and require specialized orthopedic care to ensure proper recovery and growth.

4. Dislocations. A joint dislocation occurs when two bones that meet at a joint become separated. This can happen when extreme force is applied to a ligament, such as during a contact sport. The force can push the bone out of its normal position, which can also tear ligaments and damage the surrounding soft tissues.

At XCEL Orthopedics in Sycamore, Dr. Gadini Delisca and physician assistants Harrison Swalla, MPAS, PA-C and Carter Gallick, PA provide orthopedic consultation and treatment for sports injuries, helping kids to remain healthy and active.

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