Heeding the Call: Warning Signs You May Need Shoulder Surgery

XCEL Orthopedics, a Division of Rochelle Community Hospital - Heeding the Call: Warning Signs You May Need Shoulder Surgery

The complexity of the shoulder joint, coupled with its wide range of motion, makes it susceptible to various injuries and conditions that can severely impact one’s quality of life. While conservative treatments often provide relief, there are certain scenarios where shoulder surgery becomes a necessity. Recognizing the warning signs that may indicate the need for surgical intervention is crucial for timely and effective treatment. Here are key indicators to watch out for.

Persistent Pain: One of the most glaring red flags is continuous, chronic pain that doesn’t subside with rest, medication, or physical therapy. If your shoulder pain persists despite several months of non-surgical treatment, it might be time to consider a surgical evaluation.

Decreased Range of Motion: Difficulty in performing routine activities, such as reaching overhead or behind your back, or even simple tasks like dressing, suggests a significant impairment in your shoulder’s functionality.

Weakness and Instability: A feeling of weakness or instability in your shoulder, particularly if it gives out during use, can indicate severe damage or degeneration of the muscles, tendons, or ligaments in the shoulder.

Night Pain: Experiencing intense shoulder pain at night or pain that disrupts your sleep is a strong indicator of a serious problem. This type of pain often signifies rotator cuff injuries or advanced arthritis, potentially necessitating surgical repair.

Visible Deformity or Injury: Following a traumatic injury, any visible deformity in the shoulder region, such as pronounced swelling, unusual angles, or bone protrusions, should be promptly assessed. Immediate medical attention, and potentially surgery, are critical to correct these abnormalities.

Shoulder surgery can significantly improve your quality of life, alleviate pain, and restore function to this crucial joint, allowing you to return to your daily activities with ease and comfort.

At XCEL Orthopedics in Sycamore, Dr. Gadini Delisca and physician assistants Harrison Swalla, MPAS, PA-C and Carter Gallick, PA will determine the most appropriate treatment plan for your shoulder pain.

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