3 Tips to Know When Traveling Out of State With a Firearm

Northern Illinois Carry - 3 Tips to Know When Traveling Out of State With a Firearm

There are plenty of reasons to travel with your firearm. You may be going on an out-of-state hunting trip or visiting a different shooting range, or you may want to maintain the ability to protect yourself while on vacation or on a business trip. Whatever the case, it’s important to know how to properly travel with a firearm.

1. When traveling between states, there aren’t any specific federal laws regarding traveling with a firearm, outside of normal firearm restrictions such as NFA (National Firearms Act) items. What will be important is to understand the local laws and regulations of the states and cities you’re traveling through, with regards to what can be transported and in what manner.

2. Just like at home, it’s best to properly and safely store firearms while traveling so that you reduce the risk of an accident. Store your firearms in locked containers, unloaded, and perhaps even separately from ammunition and magazines. It’s also best to keep any paraphernalia out of sight if it’s in your car, and try to minimize the time you spend away from your car if you have firearms inside it.

3. If you possess a concealed carry weapon permit and wish to carry your self defense firearm with you while road tripping, make sure you look up which states will honor Illinois’ CCW permits as valid, and which won’t. As of right now, 30 states will honor an Illinois CCW permit as valid, including all states that are adjacent to Illinois, but make sure you research your destination and route to make sure you’re carrying legally the whole way. If you have a permit from another state, it’s important to note that Illinois will not honor it as valid.

Although it may be confusing to keep track of all the rules and procedures, if you do your research ahead of time, traveling with your firearms can be a piece of cake. For more information about traveling with firearms, please contact Dennis Leifheit at:

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