It’s Your Choice: Diamond, Moissanite, Color, and More

Today’s perfect engagement ring is as unique as every love. Choosing the right engagement ring is rewarding and relaxing at D&D Jewelers. The classic symbol of marriage is the diamond. Today, you can choose between a naturally-occurring, earth-mined diamond or a lab created diamond. Both are made of the same element, but each has advantages. Both diamonds are exceptionally hard making them a great choice for rings worn every day. Lab created stones can give you a higher quality for the same price and are environmentally conscious. A natural diamond is millions of years old helping it symbolize eternal love.

Perhaps a diamond isn’t right for your ring. Moissanites were originally found in meteors but are now cultured in the lab. Moissanites have many similar optical properties to diamonds and are also quite hard. D&D Jewelers works with several Moissanite providers to get you the best Moissanite available.

Colored gemstones are an option for the center of the ring to its accent gems! Gemstones come in nearly every shade of the rainbow. If deep blue or rich red better represents your relationship consider a sapphire or ruby. Meet with our team for a color consultation; we will provide information on the countless colors available to you.

Don’t settle for less than perfect. D&D Jewelers have experience, connections, and a wish. We wish to empower every couple to choose the ring that makes them happy and fits their budget.  We can provide custom mountings, exotic stones, and friendly smiles along the way.

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