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Letter: Why can’t common sense be incorporated in laws?

Like many people, I have followed the recent ruling of the Supreme Court that is seen as both controversial and derisive: Pro-Life vs. Women’s Rights.

As a man, I really have no “skin” in the game. But as a husband with daughters and granddaughters, their concerns have been brought to bear on how I view this.

My pro-life girls feel abortion is wrong, but they believe there are exceptions that should be allowed. Interestingly, they also feel guns kill far more than abortions, and stopping these needless deaths should receive equal consideration. My pro-rights girls, well, they are strong in their stand. “My body and what and how I treat it are my sole responsibility.” They also point to the hypocrisy of those pushing for the most stringent anti-abortion laws as the same ones who said the government can’t make me wear a mask or get a COVID-19 vaccination, but it’s okay to dictate to a woman that she must obey their rules.

It comes down to a point of view, but for 50 some years it was an acceptable practice with majority approval, and if some feel a change is needed, why can’t some common sense be incorporated?

Tom Specht