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Letter: Support your conservative readers

If Shaw Media has even one ounce of journalistic integrity or neutrality, they will have an editorial in every one of their papers including the chronicle every day for the next week condemning the third world tactics of this DOJ and this administration.

Do I expect this to happen? No. My guess is that starting tomorrow and probably for the next week, Shaw Media will talk about the Republican’s “unjustifiable” rage and why this will create danger for all of those wonderful, saintly Democrats and use it as a justification to go out and arrest and imprison another 800 conservative grandmothers and grandfathers.

I didn’t serve in the military to protect this kind of government or this kind of biased news coverage.

I sure hope I’m wrong, maybe you have more integrity than the rest of the main street media and if you do. I apologize and give you a lot of credit, but you will have to prove me wrong.

This area of the state is divided almost evenly between liberals and conservatives yet I have never seen an article reprinted from the Wall Street Journal or Fox News while reading several from the New York Times, Washington Post and Associated Press.

Out of the 300 people employed by Shaw, how many Trump supporters or even regular conservative Republicans work for Shaw especially covering the news? My guess is 5% or less.

How can a newspaper understand or fairly report on both sides of an issue without making an effort to listen to the arguments of both sides?

Shaw Media should have at least one Trump-supporting, Fox News-watching conservative on their editorial board but I’m not holding my breath. We are all watching.

Lou Faivre