Chamber View: Learning and loving digital marketing in DeKalb

My name is Michael Holoubek and I am the marketing intern for the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce.

I grew up in Rockford and graduated from both Boylan Catholic High School and Rock Valley College. I will soon graduate from Northern Illinois University, but before I get my first full-time job, I wanted to gain more experience in digital marketing. I am excited the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce granted me the opportunity to learn more about marketing in a hands-on environment. So far, working at the chamber has given me the exact experience I am looking for.

One of my main projects is to assist with the DeKalb Farmers Market. While working the market, I see all that goes into planning, advertising and organizing the event. I have helped create content for the farmers market Facebook and Instagram accounts to make sure our followers are updated frequently, along with keeping it fun and engaging. Not only do I work the market, but I also spend my time at the DeKalb Chamber office as well, learning how to properly plan and advertise upcoming events.

When information on an event needs to go out, I prepare e-blasts that are accurate and helpful for those within our contact list. To do this right, I edit and organize the e-blasts to make sure they are accurate and informative to the reader. I most enjoy creating original flyers and content for e-blasts because I can use my own ideas and imagery that help make the e-blasts stand out. Other office tasks I accomplish are website edits to make sure the DeKalb Chamber website is organized, up to date, and accurate. I enjoy this task because of the satisfaction I get from refining the website.

I also get plenty of chances to be on my feet and see events on a more in-depth scale. I helped take photographs at this month’s Family Fun Fest, which allowed me to see the festival in its entirety. I had the chance to get to know many of the local businesses and DeKalb Chamber members while taking photos. I took pictures of the various activities taking place, helped with the Family Fun Fest raffle, and general set up and take down. I continue to learn new things every day that are related to digital marketing and not only find my internship experience to be useful, but the more I learn, the better I get and the more I enjoy it.

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• Michael Holoubek is the marketing intern for the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce.