Kishwaukee College names fall scholarship recipients

The Kishwaukee College Foundation's fall 2023 scholarship recipients

MALTA – The Kishwaukee College Foundation recently announced student scholarship recipients for the fall semester.

The foundation awarded $167,133 to Kishwaukee students through 207 scholarships, according to a news release.

The scholarship funds are made possible through gifts from area agencies and associations, community members, and local businesses and industries. Students are selected on a competitive basis according to each scholarship’s specific requirements.

Kishwaukee College students received the following awards:

  • AG Communications Endowment: Kevin Wood of DeKalb.
  • Arden Perry and Kathryn Cornell Endowment: Serenity Baskins of Genoa, Ashlynn Grismer of Genoa, Emily Koeppen Tischer of Genoa.
  • Benjamin Harris Memorial Scholarship: Eden Lindenmeyer of Sublette.
  • Beulah and Roberta Hackett Endowment: Marvellous Ajibare of DeKalb, Jacinta Allen of Cortland, Britney Medina of Sycamore, Alyssa Owen of Smithton, Jessica Solis of Paw Paw, Ana Tricio of Kirkland.
  • Bruce Cobb Horticulture Scholarship: Andrea Foulk of Genoa.
  • Bud and Kay Stocking Rochelle Rotary Endowment: Emily Garcia of Rochelle.
  • Charles and Mary Roberts Memorial Endowment: Olivia De La O of DeKalb, Eduardo Diaguero of DeKalb, Benjamin Dohlen of DeKalb, Valeria Gonzalez of Aurora, Ian Harrison of DeKalb, Tijana Milovancevich of Maple Park, Ash Rubin of DeKalb, Francis Zaylik of DeKalb.
  • Charles and Mary Roberts Memorial Endowment for Nursing: Kendal Ansteth of Rochelle, Rose Dold of Sycamore, Carmen Hettel of DeKalb, Jasmine Kemp of Cortland, Beatrice Makinde of Hoffman Estates, Bridget Stewart of DeKalb.
  • ComEd Endowment: Valeria Gonzalez of Aurora.
  • Compeer Financial Scholarship: Ashton Pollack of Wilmington.
  • Dean and Betty Burgemeister Endowment: Kaylee Abbott of Shabbona, Marili Cervantes of Rochelle, Kevin Farlinger of Cortland, Kendra Licht of Genoa, Jessica Schumacher of Sycamore, Sarah Snow of Rochelle, Brianna Stover of Genoa.
  • DeKalb Area Garden Club Endowment: Andrea Weitenbeck of DeKalb.
  • DeKalb Fire Fighters Local 1236 Memorial Scholarship: Elizabeth Hemphill of Paw Paw.
  • Diane McNeilly Education Endowment: Nayeli Ramirez of Rochelle.
  • Donald C. Mack Scholarship: Christina Fisher of Kingston.
  • Doris V. and Suzanne K. Lewis Memorial Endowment: Guadalupe Rangel of Genoa, Rachel Yalley of DeKalb.
  • Earl and Jeanne Pritchard Horticulture Scholarship: Andrea Foulk of Genoa, Cristian Huerta of Kingston.
  • Edward W. Deeke Endowment: Andrew Goncher of Cortland.
  • Eleanor Anglin Price Scholarship: Minerva Sandoval of DeKalb.
  • Emma Anderson Scholarship: Mallory Armstrong of Sycamore, Kenna Braheny of Genoa, Gabriela Diaz Lopez of Sycamore, Travis Dulzo of DeKalb, Ella Hensley of Genoa, Jersey Lankford of Sycamore, Sheyenne Lathrop of Sycamore, Anna Lochbaum of Sycamore, Paige Lojko of Sycamore, Joshua Melms of Sycamore, Zachary Neblock of Genoa, Brooke Patterson of Sycamore, Charles Roots of Sycamore, Ariana Smith of DeKalb, Abby Stoffa of DeKalb, Megan West of Malta, Kiki Wittenberg-Maymi of Sycamore, Milena Zak of Sycamore.
  • Enbridge Energy Company Pipeline Industry Awareness Scholarship: Isaac Vega of DeKalb.
  • Frances Loubere Ally Activist Scholarship: Marbelyn Galarza of Genoa.
  • Goodwill Industries of Northern Illinois Scholarship: Dale Giebel of Kirkland.
  • Harold C. Flanigan Memorial Endowment: Perla Gonzalez of Kirkland.
  • Heartland Bank Community Enhancement Scholarship: Benjamin Dohlen of DeKalb, Ashley Rojas of Genoa.
  • Howard and Martha Mullins Memorial Endowment for Nursing: Cheryl Bialas of Rochelle.
  • Illinois Community College System Foundation Healthcare Scholarship: Kiley Bryer of Sycamore, Yoscelyn Escamilla of Belvidere.
  • Ine Achilles Scholarship for Horticulture: Rachel Colwell of DeKalb.
  • Jeanne M. Henderson Memorial Endowment: Kassidy Ferguson of DeKalb, Taylor Robinson of DeKalb.
  • Jesus Romero Hispanic Endowment: Odalys Galarza of Genoa, Julie Leon of DeKalb, Yesenia Munoz of DeKalb.
  • Joyce A. Nicklas Memorial Scholarship: Leslie Hernandez of DeKalb, Tasha Kimble of Cortland.
  • Kenneth and Susan Doubler Scholarship Fund: Ashanty Kitanga of DeKalb.
  • Kishwaukee College Board of Trustees Endowment: Perla Gonzalez of Kirkland.
  • Kishwaukee College Employee Give Scholarship: Grace Barnes of Rochelle, Jamie Heywood of Waterman.
  • Kishwaukee College First-Generation Scholarship: Jimmy Romero Montoya of Sycamore.
  • LaVerne “Dutch” Johnson Memorial Fund: Claire Benton of DeKalb, Aubrie Ettner of Marengo, Elizabeth Hemphill of Paw Paw, Emma Hilleson of Lee, Meimuna Ibrahim of DeKalb, Autumn Kunkel of DeKalb, Regina Lauritzen of Kirkland, Joshua Melms of Sycamore, Ashley Olson of Sycamore, Brody Pfund of Maple Park, Kayleigh Quinn of Shabbona, Lizbeth Ruiz of Cortland, Hannah Seaworth of Lindenwood, Abby Stoffa of DeKalb, Jessica Van Etten of Esmond.
  • Law Enforcement Lifelong Lear Ana Tricio of Kirkland, Harrington of Rochelle.
  • Leah Wach Memorial Endowment: Ana Tricio of Kirkland.
  • Les and Deanie Springmire Endowment: Britney Calin of DeKalb.
  • Marie Ann Pierce Memorial Endowment: Simarra Endecott of Poplar Grove.
  • Mark Brisbin Memorial Scholarship: Sydney Gwin of Dixon.
  • Mark Joseph Bussone Memorial Scholarship: Olivia De La O of DeKalb, Autumn Kunkel of DeKalb, Anna Ratliff of Genoa.
  • Mathew J. Rood DPT Scholarship: Matthew Dumoulin of Hampshire.
  • Michael Bennett and Janette Maley Art Scholarship: Emily Koeppen Tischer of Genoa.
  • Nancy D. Castle Scholarship: Marvellous Ajibare of DeKalb, Yesenia Munoz of DeKalb, Evangelina Troconiz of DeKalb, Chi-Chun Tsai of DeKalb.
  • Nancy Heal Memorial Altrusa Scholarship: Ashlynn Grismer of Genoa.
  • OC Creative Scholarship: Ava Ross of Sycamore.
  • OJ and Phyllis Cunningham Malta Lions Club Memorial Scholarship: Ranzy Collins of DeKalb.
  • Pat Humo Nursing Scholarship: Johnathan Nguyen of Rochelle.
  • Pay It Forward Scholarship: Ethan Scheidecker of DeKalb
  • Philip H. Nye Scholarship: Ava Alamia of DeKalb.
  • Robert and Doris Boey Endowment: Jalyna Polichnowski of Sycamore.
  • Rollan Bonneau Memorial Endowment: Eduardo Diaguero of DeKalb.
  • Rowland and Lucile Matteson Endowment: Rachel Colwell of DeKalb, Abby D’Agostin of Poplar Grove, Christina Fisher of Kingston, Andrew Goncher of Cortland.
  • Rufus Brown Memorial Endowment: Lynsey Villarreal of Sycamore.
  • Ruth Ashelford Pollock Horticulture Fund: Abby D’Agostin of Poplar Grove, Andrea Foulk of Genoa, Andrea Weitenbeck of DeKalb, Cristian Huerta of Kingston, Eden Lindenmeyer of Sublette, Katherine Andrews of Huntley, Rachel Colwell of DeKalb.
  • Ruth I. Hall Nursing Endowment: Makayla Anderson of DeKalb, Madolyn Bellah of Kirkland, Nicole Braasch of DeKalb, Cassidi Calfa of Sycamore, Brittany Coleman of DeKalb, Foluke Esan of Sycamore, Sahar Fadl of DeKalb, Amanda Gamauf of Cortland, Leticia Garcia of DeKalb, Brent Gross of Oregon, Xzaria Hansbrough of Bolingbrook, Leslie Hernandez of DeKalb, Melissa Huneke of DeKalb, Destiny Kennedy of Calumet City, Tasha Kimble of Cortland, Beth Koneczny-Dix of Sycamore, Jessica Lazaro of Malta, McKenzie Lewis of DeKalb, Michele Lidren of Rochelle, Kylie Mapes of Sycamore, Tyniya Patterson of DeKalb, Jacob Pierce of Paw Paw, Alicia Salgado of Belvidere, Alicia Salgado of Belvidere, Chian-Austin Scott of DeKalb, Emily Stewart of DeKalb, Carly Summers of Esmond, Carly Summers of Esmond, Abigail Taylor of DeKalb, Erica Teagus of DeKalb, Krystal Torres of DeKalb, Chi-Chun Tsai of DeKalb, Morgan Tuttle of Genoa, Sarah Wolber of Mount Morris.
  • Shane Meyers Memorial Scholarship: David Negrete of Paw Paw.
  • Stephen P. Irving Family Scholarship: Joshua Ford of Sycamore, Andrew Goncher of Cortland.
  • Sycamore Hospital Physicians Nursing Endowment: Perla Gonzalez of Kirkland, Jessica Solis of Paw Paw, Brianna Stover of Genoa.
  • Tim Hammons Memorial Scholarship: David Negrete of Paw Paw.
  • Tom and Nancy Roberts Theatre Endowment: Ava Ross of Sycamore, Jessica Van Etten of Esmond, Asher Wiegartz of Rochelle.
  • Vernon and Dorothy Smith Memorial Endowment: Olivia Ramos of Rochelle, Carly Summers of Esmond, Ceci Vargas of Rochelle.
  • Veronica M. Ream Endowment: Brianna Nieves of Cortland.
  • Wayne McIlrath Family Scholarship: Matt Holuj of DeKalb, Catlin Kersten of DeKalb, Tasha Kimble of Cortland, Silvina Vargas of DeKalb.
  • William and Emiline Rood Family Scholarship: David Negrete of Paw Paw, Jessica Solis of Paw Paw.

Students who wished to remain anonymous are omitted from the list.

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