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DeKalb County Board proclaims support for agriculture

SYCAMORE – The DeKalb County Board proclaimed its support and intent to promote the development and maintenance of agriculture in the county this week.

The proclamation was presented to the manager of the DeKalb County Farm Bureau, Greg Millburg during Wednesday’s DeKalb County Board meeting.

“I just want to thank the board for the support,” Millburg said.

There are more than 71,000 farms in Illinois and 2,300 are in DeKalb County, according to the County Board’s proclamation. In the proclamation, the County Board said farm property accounts for 13.7% of taxable value in the county. DeKalb County’s farms generate total annual sales estimated to be $723.9 million.

“Many people know the history of agriculture here in DeKalb County, and this board has been vital throughout the years supporting the industry,” Millburg said, referencing the county’s foundation in agriculture. “We appreciate that.”

Chairman John Frieders, a Republican from District 12, thanked Millburg for attending the board meeting and for accepting the proclamation.

Roy Plote, a Republican from District 11, read the proclamation out loud before the board voted.

“The County Board recognizes the value agriculture contributes to our county and that the rural way of life is the backbone of our country,” Plote read. “Efforts should be made to accommodate future success of the rural community.”

Another board member called into question plans to designate farmland for solar energy, a controversial move that has divided the board over the past year.

“Does that include the 18,000 acres we’re going to gut out of the county for solar panels?” said Jerry Osland, a Republican from District 12, mentioning various solar projects in the county.

Plote said it would.

The County Board, Osland included, unanimously voted to approve the proclamation.