Sycamore pool closes early for season due to equipment failure, reports park district

SYCAMORE – The Sycamore Community Pool has closed for the season a few weeks early due to what Sycamore Park District officials said Thursday was an ongoing equipment failure.

According to a social media post published Thursday afternoon, the pool was scheduled to close for the season Aug. 16 but had to closes early after attempts to fix an equipment issue were unfruitful.

The equipment failures that the staff has been troubleshooting throughout the week will not be repaired before the planned closing date of August 16,” the post reads. “Thank you to all of this year’s pass holders, visitors, and lifeguards for a great season – we are sorry to see it end early.”

Residents with a Sycamore Park District Aquatic Pass can continue to use theirs at the Genoa Pool, 400 E. Second St. because of a partnership with the Genoa Township Park District, according to the post.

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The nearly 40-year pool’s longevity remains a concern, said park district officials.

While the Board of Commissioners, as well as the staff, have concerns about the age of this 39-year-old facility, they have been able to maintain the equipment to date,” the post reads. “Further assessment of this equipment failure will be completed over the next couple of weeks, and, at that time, the Board will be able to address the future of this facility.”

Aging pool infrastructure has also been a focal point in DeKalb over the past few years, as the DeKalb Park District attempts to solicit community feedback to better determine a plan for replacement or other options for Hopkins Pool.

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