Did you receive your COVID-19 vaccine through Northwestern Medicine? Here’s how to access your vaccine card

Northwestern Medicine spokesperson responds to concerns related to vaccine confirmation card

Northwestern Medicine spokesperson Kim Waterman said Wednesday that “due to privacy and safety concerns” the health system has stopped handing out COVID-19 vaccine confirmation cards which have private patient information on them.

That doesn’t mean those who received their COVID-19 vaccination through a Northwestern Medicine clinic can’t access and print their vaccine records for proof should they need to provide it somewhere, Waterman said.

“Patients [can] go to their MyChart to print out their vaccine information or they can request a paper copy the day of their appointment,” Waterman said.

Waterman’s statement was in response to Shaw Local News Network readers expressing concern that they couldn’t access a vaccine card such as the the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cards issued most commonly at mass vaccination sites which show date of first vaccination, which vaccine provider received, and affirmed the person has received the vaccine.

Reports of scammers taking advantage of a new popular phenomenon in which people post photos of themselves and their cards on social media has also prompted calls to beware of card sharing online.

Though no stipulations yet exist, health officials ask those who’ve received the vaccine to hold onto the card in case at any point in future you need to provide proof of vaccination or have a record in case any future immunization booster is required.

How do I get a record of my vaccination?

Patients can access their vaccine information along with a how-to guide on the website at

You can request a paper copy of your vaccination documentation at the vaccination clinic the day of your appointment, or if your appointment has already passed, you can find your records through your MyNM account online, Waterman said.

Log in at or through the MyNM® app.

• Go to the Health tab.

• Click on Immunizations.

• Your COVID-19 vaccination record is listed as SARS-CoV-2.

To sign up for a MyNM account, go

If you need more vaccine details, including the lot number for the vaccine, or if you do not have a MyNM account, contact Northwestern Medicine’s Health Information Management Department using one of the following options:

• Call 877-9-RECORD (877-973-2673)

• Complete the Release of Information Form: in English or in Spanish

• Email