North Aurora man charged after stalking woman, sending threatening messages, police say

HINCKLEY – A North Aurora man is facing charges after police said he stalked a woman and repeatedly sent her and her boyfriend threatening messages.

Edward W. Cook, 63, with the last known address of the 200 block of Laurel Drive in North Aurora, was arrested and charged with stalking, a Class 4 felony. If convicted, Cook could face up to three years in prison.

According to DeKalb County court documents, Cook allegedly started to contact a woman he knows via digital platform Facebook Messenger, text message and email in November.

“Cook started to send derogatory and abusive messages and [the woman] blocked him,” according to court documents.

Cook then began to message the woman’s boyfriend, who lives with her, according to court documents.

“Cook threatened [via messaging] to batter, fight and kill [the boyfriend],” according to court documents.

Police allege in court documents that Cook went to the woman’s home in Hinckley on Saturday to try to “rekindle his perceived relationship with her.” Cook rang the doorbell of the house and knocked. When no one answered, police said he peered into the windows of the home to see if anyone was inside.

Cook returned to the Hinckley home Wednesday morning to attempt to retrieve COVID-19 tests he said he had sent to the woman’s house, according to court documents.

“[The couple] have been in constant fear for their safety and worried that Cook would cause them harm,” according to court documents. “[The couple] have suffered severe emotional distress as a result of Cook’s action.”

According to court documents, Cook is homeless and on probation in Kane County for “making terroristic threats in the state of Georgia.”

Cook appeared for a virtual bond hearing Thursday from DeKalb County Jail in front of Circuit Court Judge Joseph Voiland. Cook walked into the bond hearing room with a walker.

Cook told Voiland during the hearing that his only source of income is social security, and the judge appointed a public defender to represent him.

DeKalb County Assistant State’s Attorney Suzi Collins told Voiland that prosecutors were asking for a $30,000 bond for Cook and that he be prohibited from contacting the victims if he was released.

“This situation with the victim has been going on for quite a long period of time,” Collins said. “The victim has been traumatized.”

DeKalb County Public Defender Tom McCulloch told Voiland that Cook had significant medical issues and requested the judge set a recognizance bond for his client.

“I think you can believe that he will stay local and make his court appearances,” McCulloch said.

Voiland set a $5,000 recognizance bond for Cook, meaning he would be released without needing to post money. He also ordered Cook to have no contact with either the woman or her boyfriend.

“She’ll have no contact from me whatsoever,” Cook told the judge. “None.”

Voiland also ordered Cook to stay away from the woman’s residence.

“I will not even travel to the village of Hinckley,” Cook said. “I have no reason to.”

Cook is due back in court at 2 p.m. March 31.

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