DeKalb County Board OKs contract with Sycamore for police license plate readers along Peace Road

DeKalb County Board member Rhonda Henke, a Republican from District 1, holds her face while deliberating her vote regarding an intergovernmental agreement between DeKalb County and the city of Sycamore for the mounting of license plate readers on utility poles on county owned land. The agreement was passed by the County Board in a 16-7 vote on March 15, 2023.

“I do believe there are measures in place, this technology is very common. I mean for years the [Interstate 88] tollway has it, has had the technology and all your cars – if you’ve driven on the tollway – it’s the same technology. ... The image is captured and then it falls off the system.”

—  Sycamore police chief Jim Winters on license plate readers
The corner of Peace Road and Puri Drive, where Sycamore officials had hoped to be able to install license plate readers to DeKalb County owned utility poles. Picture taken Feb. 21, 2023.
Sycamore Police Chief Jim Winters addresses the Sycamore City Council on  Oct. 17, 2022 when he presents the Sycamore Police Department's five-year plan.