DeKalb County property transfers: April 8-14, 2024

Sauk Valley property transfers

Frank Charles Potempa and Karen Tangeros Potempa to Escatel Rentals LLC, Residence at 227 Barb Blvd., DeKalb, $160,000.

REO Funding Solutions IV LLC to NVR Inc., Lot at 1260 Wood Cliff Court, Sandwich, $20,888.89.

REO Funding Solutions IV LLC to NVR Inc., Lot at 708 W. Pleasant Ave., Sandwich, $20,888.89.

Green Ridge Associates LLC to NVR Inc., Lot at 717 E. Garfield St., Waterman, $21,218.

Green Ridge Associates LLC to NVR Inc., Lot at 915 E. Taft St., Waterman, $21,218.

Emma L. Busken to Scott W. Johnson, Residence at 1862 Kerrybrook Court, Sycamore, $147,000.

Ammar Mahmood to Finney Homes LLC, Lot at 434 Rutland Road / 512 W. Quinlan Court, DeKalb, $36,000.

Mohammad E. and Shirley L. Akrabawi Trust Trustee HHE Phase III LLC to RC Soto Enterprises LLC, Lot at 239 S. Kincaid St., Maple Park, $75,000.

Tru Built Homes LLC to Donald E. and Mary Janet Englum Trust Trustee, Residence at 291 Coley Place, Sycamore, $443,759.

Francis T. Covatta By Guardian Helaine E. Covatta to Zara Hussain, Residence at 125 Tilton Park Drive, DeKalb, $182,500.

Bradley Burns to Jonathan Orrin and Mary Katherine Ann Merritt, Residence at 2428 Dustin Drive, Sycamore, $480,000.

Leroy G. Lippmann Dec’d and Susan M. Lippmann to Earl Maier, Lot at 405 W. Cherokee Ave., Shabbona, $1,500.

Newrez LLC / Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing to Sangath Inc., Residence at 907 Chestnut Circle, Sandwich, $240,000.

Jessica L. Arendarczyk to Claudia Marquez, Residence at 208 E. Clover Ave., Cortland, $279,900.

Eric Schultz to Eva J. Gutierrez, Residence at 415 Normal Road, DeKalb, $210,000.

Robert H. and Roberta L. Burk to Samuel R. Schneider, Residence at 1240 S. Malta Road, DeKalb, $240,000.

Donald Riedelsperger Dec’d By Renee Riedelsperger to Jose E. Ramirez and Antonia Rodriguez, Residence at 213 N. Main St., Sandwich, $118,000.

Kenneth Hughes to Tyler R. and Abby M. Adkins, Residence at 1524 Waterside Drive, DeKalb, $197,000.

Royal Estates Holdings LLC to Joseph and Shawna Desalvo, Residence at 161, 171 Christensen St. and 571 N. Oak St., Hinckley, $90,000.

Sharon Ann Sauer / Citywide Title Corp. to Timothy and Melisa Robinson, Residence at 203 S. First St., Malta, $124,400.

Maria A. Losey to Kyle Schultz, Residence at 208 N. Dogwood St., Cortland, $280,000.

Donald E. Lampkins Dec’d By Executor to Edward E. and Deana K. Eberly, Residence at 821 DeKalb Ave., Sycamore, $125,000.

Germain Juarez Morales and Juan G. Ortega to Vicotria Ann Porter, Residence at 202 N. Second St., Malta, $195,000.

Louis J. and Robin L. Schoenburg to Aarna Beverage Inc., Retail at 159 W. Lincoln Highway, DeKalb, $380,000.

Leonard F. Halter Jr. and Karen R. Halter By Attorney to Carolyn B. Rooney, Residence at 158 Thomas Drive, Sycamore, $210,000.

Connie S. Hem to Cheryl Wolgamott, Residence at 1769 Briggs St., Sycamore, $385,000.

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