DeKalb County property transfers: April 1-5, 2024

Sauk Valley property transfers

Green Ridge Associates LLC to NVR Inc., Lot at 613 Kennedy St., Waterman, $21,218.

Chicago Title Land Trust Company 1345 to Lucky 13 Properties Inc., Industrial at 1660 State St., DeKalb, $600,000.

Shodeen Homes LLC to Jordan Ryne Perez, Residence at 235 E. Turner Place, Sycamore, $387,000.

Ammar Mahmood to Jill Schmitt, Lot at 411 Billings Court, DeKalb, $19,999.

Lucile C. Reynen Trustee Trust 102 to Matthew Kennett, Residence at 1617 Longwood Drive, Sycamore, $235,000.

Gerald G. Latimer and Mary Charlene Latimer Trusts By Trustees to Jose Salvador Ceballos and Yesenia Judith Caudel Vargas, Residence at 6222 Rich Road, DeKalb, $420,000.

Beth M. Swanson Trust Trustee to Lindsay A. Vandeusen, Commercial at 144 E. Church St., Sandwich, $250,000.

Lauren R. Stumpenhorst to Joseph and Suzanne Defily, Residence at 1005 Whitetail Lane, Sandwich, $200,000.

Thomas and Andra Davies to Nicholas A. Angone, Residence at 320 E. High St., Sycamore, $265,000.

Arndt Schultz to Brandon and Jessica Thomas, Residence at 1432 Sandcastle Drive, Sycamore, $376,000.

Derek Knuth to Narvick Garcia Lopez and Kelsey Garcia, Residence at 338 W. Center St., Sandwich, $275,000.

Cheryl R. Carls to Merles Place LLC, Commercial at 206 S. Main St., Sandwich, $61,000.

Mary E. Howe to Brian John Nicolls, Residence at 302 Eighth St., Kirkland, $175,000.

David Dulceak to Hunter Arno Winterstein and Estrella Villanueva, Residence at 125 N. Nina St., Cortland, $298,000.

Terry W. and Peggy S. Klus to Ronald Murtha, Residence at 11867 N. Grove Road, Sycamore, $681,000.

Charles R. and Barbara Cravatta to James G. Cavanaugh, Residence at 133 N. State St., Genoa, $6,000.

Amy L. Damkroger to David M. Baker Trust Trustee, Residence at 304 Greenwood Acres, DeKalb, $275,000.

Steven and Clare Zographos to Way Enterprises LLC / Idratherbefishing LLC, Lot at 1425 Beach Drive, Sycamore, $24,500.

Finney Homes LLC to Donald and Judy K. Gray Trustees Trusts, Residence at 447 S. Preston St., Cortland, $264,900.

Shawn J. Lowe Trust Trustee to Mark R. and Carol S. Hannus, Residence at 809 S. First St., DeKalb, $185,000.

Eric and Jessica Helton to Andre and Carmin Berchiolly, Residence at 1231 Fox Hollow Court, DeKalb, $305,000.

Kenneth G. and Susan L. Englert to Ihome Development LLC, Residence at 224 Charles St., Sycamore, $160,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Trevor M. Pierce, Residence at 715 Cooper Court, Genoa, $174,000.

Dawn M. Barefoot-Lynch to Robert Doubek and Jill Neisendorf, Residence at 1206 Persimmon Drive, Genoa, $345,000.

Mario Sparto Jr. and Kayleigh Sparto to Amber L. Woods and Austin M. Ramirez, Residence at 1109 E. Fifth St., Sandwich, $197,000.

Christopher R. and Brandy Zacek to Kiefer M. Gill, Residence at 131 Tilton Park Drive, DeKalb, $153,000.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC By Atty / Nationstar Mortgage LLC / Mr. Cooper to Albor Homes An Illinois Series LLC / Albor Home LLC, Residence at 720 Russell Road, DeKalb, $159,100.

CST Industries Inc. to Store Master Funding XIV LLC, Farmland at 345 Harvestore Drive/S. Fourth St., DeKalb, $22,418,337.

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