DeKalb County property transfers: March 15-22, 2024

Sauk Valley property transfers

Brandon S. Peck to Samantha Zygiel, Residence at 475 N. Charles St., Cortland, $180,000.

Edward C. Brown Jr. and Kimberly L. Brown to Matthew J. and Malerie Barnett, Residence at 705 Pat Court, Genoa, $291,000.

Ajex Investments LLC / S&C Renovations LLC to Marilu Romo, Residence at 209 S. Third St., Malta, $70,000.

Jesse and Catherine Meekins to Joshua and Samantha Hass, Residence at 531 Birch Lane, Sycamore, $280,000.

Pamela Bublitz to Amy Hartgraves, Residence at 613 W. Byers St., Kirkland, $135,000.

Brad Snead and Jeanene M. Rollins Trustee Jab Family Trust to Somonauk Recreation Center LLC, Commercial at 315 S. Depot St., Somonauk, $210,000.

Mikal Seward to 1425 Moluf LLC, Residence at 1425 Moluf St., DeKalb, $160,000.

Brian Blazyk and Cortland Community LLC to Gary J. White and Martha Tate, Residence at 288 N. Charles St., Cortland, $373,000.

Richard Sinclair Properties LLC to Finney Homes LLC, Lot at 3389 and 3431 Comstock Ave., DeKalb, $36,000.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC / Mr. Copper to Gutzwiller Investments LLC, Residence at 82 E. Clover Ave., Cortland, $213,150.

Alex C. and Carly M. Herman to Nicholas and Lauren Holmer, Residence at 721 Meridian Court, DeKalb, $237,000.

Darlene Sebby to Edith V. Santillan, Residence at 1017 Spruce St., Sandwich, $226,000.

Robyn Timmerman NKA Dixon to Steven Steiert, Residence at 615 W. Lisbon St., Sandwich, $277,000.

Michelle C. Rouse to Laurel F. Soltan Trustee, Residence at 1618 Sunrise Drive, DeKalb, $200,000.

Jonell Draper Dec’d By Heirs Kathryn Draper Tichawa, Emily Draper Yoakam and Paul Draper to Shawn Draper, Residence at 901 Buckingham Lane, Sycamore, $85,000.

Lela L. Green to Mathew R. Brown and Cindy J. Brown Trustees, Residence at 211 Forsythe Lane, DeKalb, $305,000.

Ronald W. Johnson Trust By Trustee Ashley McNurlan to CKNP Properties LLC, Residence at 493 E. Exchange St., Sycamore, $162,500.

Ari and Rubirosa B. Shavit to Eddie Sotelo, Residence at 810 N. 13th St., DeKalb, $130,000.

Sterlie K. and Janet C. Miller to George and Heather Trifon, Residence at 4060 Old State Road, Kirkland, $750,000.

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