DeKalb County property transfers: March 1-7, 2024

Sauk Valley property transfers

NC Investment Partners Inc. to St. Mary’s Real Estate 4 Inc., Commercial at at 501 N. Main St., Sycamore, $1,550,000.

Joan C. Folgers Dec’d By Administraotr Christopher J. Folgers to Kordich Family Trust By Trustee Linda M. Loveday, Residence at 720 Carlson St., Sycamore, $210,000.

Stephen W. and Susan N. Worley to Patrick A. and Skye Marie Kozlowski, Residence at 348 Conlin Ave., Sycamore, $285,000.

D-N-J Properties Inc. to Charles Nellinger, Residence at 536 College Ave., DeKalb, $215,000.

F. Joseph Simons II to Todd and Tracey Weaver, Residence at 254 Maertz Drive, Sycamore, $352,500.

Ronald and Carol Rogers to Jeffrey and Laura Herrmann, Residence at 146 Donlin Court, Sycamore, $210,500.

Diana L. Swanson & Carolyn I. Law to Michael and Dawna Coker, Residence at 320 S. California St., Sycamore, $234,500.

Keenon and Jennifer Darlinger to Tyler and Hillary Assell, Residence at 531 Prairie View Lane, Hinckley, $385,000.

Finney Homes LLC to Jaden Richardson, Residence at 519 S. Hahn Road, Cortland, $291,900.

Andrew Van Bogaert to Samuel and Kathleen Berkes, Lot at 1126 S. Sixth St., DeKalb, $5,000.

Jeffery G. and Peggy J. Simonds to Thomas Dietrich Trustee and Mary Jeanne Dietrich Trustee, Residence at 2101 Somerset Lane, Sycamore, $325,000.

Jacqueline Hackert By Attorney In Fact Lance W. Klinger to Jeffery G. and Peggy J. Simonds, Residence at 1505 Longwood Drive, Sycamore, $145,000.

Edward L. Parcel and Ann P. Trustees for Lloyd Farm Trust to Berton C. Huftalin, Farmland off Malta Road, Clare, $1,999,000.

Justin and Lindsay Vandeusen to David A. and Robyn S. Dixon, Residence at 115 E. Webb St., Sandwich, $329,900.

Tru-Built Homes LLC to John J. and Emily Z. Diebold, Residence at 283 Coley Place / Concord Drive, Sycamore, $434,103.

Bogdan and Jolanta Dabrowski to Terrence Q. and Michelle R. Abell, Residence at 1428 Reserve Lane, Unit 4, DeKalb, $227,000.

Krpan’s Parkside Estate LP to Dennis W. and Julie A. Cutshaw, Residence at 726 Independence Ave., Sycamore, $46,300.

Virginia King to Adam King, Residence at 803 N. 13th St., DeKalb, $70,000.

Magdalena M. Reints Dec’d By Executor Linda M. Salfisberg to Tiffany Squillo, Residence at 310 E. Market St., Somonauk, $220,000.

Angel and Samantha Flores to John Seybold, Residence at 460 W. Lincoln Ave., Hinckley, $160,000.

Brady and Jennifer M. Simenson to Cameron S. Rompf, Residence at 516 N. Sixth St., DeKalb, $180,000.

D&R Construction & Renovations LLC to David M. Brown, Residence at 1127 Lillian Lane, Sandwich, $155,400.

Richard L. Ahey Jr. to Jonathan Wilson, Residence at 727 Watson Drive, Genoa, $210,000.

Bengt N. Bengtson III and Kennelee Lee to Jordan Birchfield, Residence at 131 N. Hadsall St., Genoa, $190,000.

NVR Inc. / Ryan Homes to Robert and Katie Kennedy and Blair G. and Laura L. Pasternak, Residence at 1104 Park View Court, Sandwich, $358,820.

Todd A. Curtis / Curtis Family Properties to Sycamore Dental LLC, Office at 124 N. California St., Sycamore, $1,900,000.

Door Properties LLC to Matthew Adam and Tara Lea Anderson, Residence at 445 S. Somonauk St., Sycamore, $550,000.

Zebharyah and Nichole Harris to Manuel Dejesus Ramirez Ramirez, Residence at 31535 Ault Road, Kirkland, $320,000.

Mary Lou Wilkening to Robert A. Kempf Jr. and Alexandra C. Kempf, Residence at 409 N. Wolfe St., Sandwich, $285,000.

NVR Inc. / Ryan Homes to Steven Raines and Hilary Jones, Residence at 917 E. Taft St., Waterman, $309,240.

NVR Inc. / Ryan Homes to Dana and Jeri Schrenk, Residence at 1005 S. Wind Drive, Sandwich, $455,605.

Reston Ponds Equities LLC / Reston Ponds Management LLC / Shodeen Group LLC to Shodeen Homes LLC, Lots at 943 Greenleaf St., 453 Fairway Lane and 1020 Juniper Drive, Sycamore, $135,648.

Grandview Capital LLC to Jose A. Aguado & Crystal S. Perez Amezcua, Residence at 1322 State St., DeKalb, $125,000.

Kimberly Skala to Michael R. Contreras, Residence at 170 Joanne Lane, DeKalb, $161,000.

Franconia Real Estate Services Inc. to Matthew and Jennifer McAdams, Residence at 1027 Wild St., Sycamore, $189,000.

Richard L. and Allegra M. Hartman Trust By Trustees Thomas K. Hartman & Patricia L. Hiland to Norma L. Vaquera Gonzalez, Residence at 620 N. Ninth St., DeKalb, $168,000.

Kelli L. Butcher Dec’d By Natalie Martinez to Natalie Martinez, Residence at 1539 Timberwood Court, Sycamore, $175,000.

Finney Homes LLC to Opportunity House Inc., Residence at 400 Preserve Drive, Genoa, $347,414.

Finney Homes LLC to Opportunity House Inc., Residence at 505 Preserve Drive, Genoa, $359,474.35

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