DeKalb County property transfers: Jan. 29-Feb. 12, 2024

Sauk Valley property transfers

Vernese Edghill-Walden to Ryan D. and Brynn McGinn, Residence at 397 Quinlan Ave., DeKalb, $410,000.

Ryan J. Gifford to 603 Fisk Avenue LLC, Residence at 603 Fisk Ave., DeKalb, $190,000.

Halina Chrzaszcz to Brian and Paige Stuehler, Lot off Crane Court, Genoa, $50,000.

Tycheca Brown and Alante Ginyard By POA to Kendall Partners Ltd., Residence at 424 E. Roosevelt St., DeKalb, $70,000.

NVR Inc. / Ryan Homes to Leroy Humphries Jr. and Letia Wardlow, Residence at 209 N. Buckeye St., Waterman, $280,785.

Green Ridge Associates LLC to NVR Inc. / Ryan Homes, Residence at 805 E. Kennedy St., Waterman, $20,800.

Kendall Partners Ltd. to Blnz LLC, Residence at 424 E. Roosevelt St., DeKalb, $103,000.

Michael Nelson to David Joseph and Baylee T. McGary, Residence at 550 Moore St., Somonauk, $250,000.

John A. Hodge Dec’d By Heirs & Donna Winterton By Heirs to Carlos Dionicio Grado, Residence at 513 W. Cherokee Ave., Shabbona, $205,000.

State Bank Of Geneva Trustee Trust 931 to Illinois Department of Transportation, Highway at 202 W. Lincoln Highway, DeKalb, $750.

Todd and Sharon Billings to Newport Illinois Group LLC, Residence at 1501 Stonefield Drive, DeKalb, $182,000.

Darlene H. Probst Trustee Trust to Kenneth Niles Click and Nurul Kartika Lambogo, Residence at 164 Heatherfield Lane, DeKalb, $320,000.

R. Michael and Meghan Chuipek to Ronald and Lisa Boryla, Lot at 1710 Ellsworth Drive, Sycamore, $29,500.

Joyce A Higgins Trustee, Ronald D. Leifheit Jr., Joanne L. Leifheit Trustee and Eileen Ruth Sapp Trustee to Michael Schelkopf, Farmland at Pleasant Hill Road, Sycamore, $616,870.

Janet Matthews, Julie Debolt and Jeanne Morris to Michael Schelkopf, Farmland at Pleasant Hill Road, Sycamore, $500,000.

Northern Illinois University Foundation to Board Of Trustees Of Northern Illinois/Northern Illinois University Board Of Trustees, Commercial at 1332 Stadium Drive N., DeKalb, $0.

Northern Illinois University Foundation to Board Of Trustees Of Northern Illinois / Northern Illinois University Board Of Trustees, Commercial at 1245 Stadium Drive S., DeKalb, $0.

Seth M. Allen to Cynthia L. Spear and Kaelee N. Spear. Residence at 715 Birch Drive, Kirkland, $200,000.

Marshland Properties LLC to Jason O’Donnell and Jacob O’Donnell, Apartment Building at 310 E. Main St., Genoa, $327,000.

Steven D. and Angela E. Turney to Aaron Hartnett, Residence at 10 Lions Road, Sandwich, $272,500.

Joshua B. and Natasha K. Schmitt to Loretta A. Schmitt, 8701 N. Rood Road, Kingston, $0.

Jerry L. and Elizabeth C. Gidaszewski to Adrien J. Gidaszewski and Trudy Ann Jacobsen, Residence at 230 W. Locust St., DeKalb, $166,000.

Youssi Rentals LLC to Teresa Schofield, Residence at 529 Anjali Court, Sycamore, $332,225.

Barb Squared LLC to Wilfrido Daniel Urueta Zalapa and Guadalupe Romualdo Mateo, Residence at 288 N. Cardinal St., Cortland, $322,500.

USA Builders Ltd. to Bile Anobian and Yolanda Mendez Hernandez, Residence at 1115 Pleasant St., DeKalb, $163,000.

Roger D. and Patricia A. Prindiville Trusts to D&R Construction and Renovation LLC, Residence at 1127 Lillian Lane, Sandwich, $92,500.

Donald E. and Mary Janet Englum to Russell Lee Phelps and Carly Andersen, Residence at 1711 Brookhill Lane, Sycamore, $300,000.

Finney Homes LLC to Vasilica Dumitrescu, Residence at 107 Winding Trail, Genoa, $274,900.

Srdan Selimbegovic Trust 116 By Attorney Claire Putman to Verda Gochee, Residence at 2102 Somerset Lane, Sycamore, $290,000.

Helen M. Schuler to Michelle Dieter, Residence at 1477 Waterside Drive, DeKalb, $235,200.

Anastacio and Alicia Garcia By Attorney to Susana Garcia, Residence at 513 Spring Ave., DeKalb, $160,000.

Frank L. Laudicina and Michael Baer to Rodrigo Soto Rangel and Jessica Jazmine Garnica, Residence at 224 S. Eighth St., DeKalb, $185,000.

Benjamin A. Walter and Melissa Clucas to Israel Puga and Esperanza Ferrer, Residence at 663 Bush St., DeKalb, $290,000.

Paul Schmitt to Kevin Clayborn & Maria Linda Quinones, Residence at 1706 Fairside Drive, Sandwich, $305,000.

Green Ridge Associates LLC to NVR Inc. / Ryan Homes, Lot at 705 E. Garfield St., Waterman, $20,600.

Jason S. and Staci Keneway to Zachary P. Miller, Residence at 902 W. Main St., Genoa, $235,000.

Lance W. Klinger to Samuel Sergent, Residence at 224 Delcy Drive, DeKalb, $209,900.

Jeffrey R. and Virginia A. Baker to Jason and Staci Keneway, Residence at 12256 Ellwood Greens Road, Genoa, $290,000.

Robert Weilert Trustee Tellez Land Trust to Mohammed Kettou, Residence at 622 Charlotte St., Sandwich, $237,000.

William M. and Karyn S. Peterson to Erica Falk, Residence at 381 Horizon Lane, DeKalb, $292,000.

NVR Inc. / Ryan Homes to Steven and Tammy L. Mast, Residence at 1314 Oakmont Court, Sandwich, $382,685.

Drew and Alison Petry to Mauro Pacheco and Erica D. Garcia, Residence at 625 W. Fuller Drive, Waterman, $271,900.

Dana Brosso to Paul D. and Lois E. Watkins, Residence at 113 E. Sunset Place, DeKalb, $270,000.

Nathan F. O’Shea and Catherine E. Tiberi to Constantino Gomez Renteria, Virginia Martinez Rodriguez and Berenice Gomez Martinez, Residence at 525 S. 10th St., DeKalb, $172,000.

Chicago Title Land Trust Company Trustee 1280652204 to Renne I Bemis Irrevoc Trust By Trustee Amy L. Bemis, Commercial at 720 Foxpointe Drive, Sycamore, $1,125,000.

Robert W. and Maria T. Graham to Juan A. Gonzalez Leal and Rosa L. Graham, Residence at 1487 Waterside Drive, DeKalb, $215,000.

Kyle and Kelsey Hart to Chuck and Julie Wright, Residence at 708 W. Comanche Ave. / U.S. Highway 30, Shabbona, $124,020.

Molly E. Masters to Paige Gilson and Joy Dodd, Residence at 503 Ball Ave., DeKalb, $220,000.

NVR Inc. / Ryan Homes to Shaun and Samantha Wood, Residence at 209 N. Ash St., Waterman, $287,370.

Ronald Walters Murphy and Beverly Jahr Murphy Family Trustee to Joseph D. Bassett, Residence at 818 S. Somonauk St., Sycamore, $350,000.

Gustavo Espinoza-Murillo to Fernando and Mariana Quezada, Residence at 764 Blooming Drive, DeKalb, $278,000.

Jessica Freson to Ivory Crittenden and Harold Blackburn, Residence at 308 Hickory St. in DeKalb, $199,900.

Jon Taylor Dillao and Melissa Watson to Daniel C. Fitzpatrick Sr., Residence at 1006 N. 15th St., DeKalb, $190,000.

Reston Ponds Equities LLC/Reston Ponds Management LLC/Shodeen Group LLC to Shodeen Homes LLC, Lot at 1036 Juniper Drive, Sycamore, $45,216.

Reston Ponds Equities LLC/Reston Ponds Management LLC/Shodeen Group LLC to Shodeen Homes LLC, Lots at 451, 443 and 435 Mary Ann Circle; 1144 Juniper Drive, Sycamore, $135,648.

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