DeKalb County property transfers: Jan. 1-11, 2024

Sauk Valley property transfers

Finney Homes LLC to Amanda M. Toomey, Residence at 526 S. Hahn Drive, Cortland, $281,900.

Dean B. Jones to Soria Everardo Jr. and Erin Everardo, Residence at 621 Independence Ave., Sycamore, $480,000.

Sycamore Foxpointe Drive LLC to Realty Income Properties 18 LLC, Commercial at 755 Foxpointe Drive, Sycamore, $3,737,680.

Shodeen Homes LLC to Dan C. Paulette & Dorothy J. Wilson, Residence at 1030 Greenleaf St., Sycamore, $383,610.

Bradley R. Burn to Damian and Stainislaw Smiech, Residence at 1306 Chestnut St., DeKalb, $170,000.

Jeramey Rushka to Saziman and Drita Alimi, Residence at 481 S. Hahn Drive, Cortland, $320,000.

Heartland Bank & Trust Co. Trs Tr 2682 and American National Bank Of DeKalb County to Rud Custom Homes Inc., Residence on Heron Creek Drive, Sycamore, $51,000.

Robert W. and Claudia S. Beckett to Luke Henry and Alexandra Marie Nesterowicz, Residence at 1516 Crayton Circle W., DeKalb, $275,000.

John Castle Builders LLC to Jeffrey Winter, Residence at 2209 Concord Drive, Sycamore, $317,750.

Timothy J. and H. Jennifer Mescher to Illinois Department Of Transportation, Lot at 604 W. Lincoln Highway, DeKalb, $300.

Brian C. and Susan S. Grainger to John S. and John R. Henner, Land off Brickville Road, Sycamore, $616,629.

John P. and Anita M. Abens to Jason Kolb Trustee Keystone Future Trust, Residence at 622 E. Railroad St., Sandwich, $149,000.

Neat Scene LLC By Attorney to Habitat For Humanity Of DeKalb County, Lot at 469 S. Preston St., Cortland, $11,000.

Diamond 5 Enterprises LLC to Rafael F. Nunez, Residence at 1017 S. Sixth St., DeKalb, $239,900.

Johnathan Delnagro to JDK Services Inc., Residence at 144 Robinson St., Genoa, $115,000.

Shodeen Homes LLC to Richard Y. and Affala C. Konan, Residence at 1012 Bailey Road, Sycamore, $333,555.

Curtis H. and Gail L. Kitner Trusts Trustees to Randy S. Leannan Jr. and Natasha R. Leannan, Residence at 1851 State Route 23, Somonauk, $270,000.

Brian and Stefanie N. Mueller to Robert David and Tracy Lynn Lindsay, Residence at 853 Alden Drive, Sycamore, $420,000.

Mary Jo Kaster Trust by Trustee James P. Kaster to Jack and Monica Mossburg, Residence at 1563 Reserve Lane, DeKalb, $225,000.

Grace H. Blitzblau Trust by Trustee Benjamin D. Blitzblau to Jeff Hanson and Aira Boughton, Residence at 165 Joanne Lane, DeKalb, $145,000.

Anthony P. and Heather M. Brescia to Michael Escamilla and Brenda Resendiz, Residence at 64 E. Chestnut Ave., Cortland, $225,000.

Tyler J. and Kathryn Tourt to Bryan Patrick O’Neill, Residence at 709 Lisbon St., Sandwich, $275,000.

Reston Ponds Equities LLC / Reston Ponds Management LLC / Shodeen Group LLC to Shodeen Homes LLC, Lot at 429 Fairway Lane, Sycamore, $47,716.

Patricia Herrmann to Properties 40R LLC, Commercial at 499 E. State St., Sycamore, $475,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Richard Joseph Skarbonkiewicz and Richard Joseph Skarbonkiewicz Jr., Residence at 1103 State St., DeKalb, $120,750.

Christine Frederick to Annie Rosas, Residence at 54 E. Conestoga Ave., Cortland, $230,000.

Lou Squared LLC to Elizabeth Mittvick, Residence at 121 E. Kerr St., Sycamore, $238,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Jesse Maegan Mostipak, Residence at 150 N. Brown St., Genoa, $230,000.

American Homes 4 Rent Properties One LLC to Joshua Caleb Meyers and Kayley Garland, Residence at 1483 Farmstead Lane, DeKalb, $310,000.

Robert E. Poggi Jr. and Martha L. Poggi to 1412 Church Street LLC, Commercial at 1412 W. Church St. / 1412 U.S. Highway 34, Sandwich, $325,000.

Jessica Lankford and Michelle Hayward to Beau Matthew and Monica Margaret George, Residence at 702 Aspen Way, Genoa, $270,000.

American Homes 4 Rent Properties to Jacob P. Deak and Alexis Joyce Lucio, Residence at 218 E. Sandra St., Kingston, $259,900.

David J. Castro and Amanda M. Durik to Barbara Lynn Mitchell, Residence at 317 Augusta Ave., DeKalb, $255,000.

Gary and Valerie Kramer to Luis D. Perez, Residence at 27 W. Pine Ave., Cortland, $204,000.

Mary Beth Cavender Bogert to Eddie M. and Marain K. Cullins, Residence at 170 Donald St., Hinckley, $115,150.

Janice L. Bidstrup Dec’d By Heirs Jeff Bidstrup and Jarrett Bidstrup to Stephen W. and Susan N. Worley, Residence at 3116 Fairway Oaks Drive, DeKalb, $272,000.

Joel R. and Kendra Kaye Morrison to Paul Ryan Kozak Trust Trustee Linda A. Kozak, Residence at 546 Amherst Drive, Sycamore, $255,000.

Rowena Marcheschi and Aira Regine Dequinco to Jacob Cross, Residence at 292 E. McKinley Ave., Hinckley, $245,000.

David and Beth Pfister Sieglinger to Grandview Capital LLC, Residence at 523 Maplewood Ave., DeKalb, $85,000.

Lake County Grading Co. LLC to Ryan C. Jernigan, Lot at 621 Rustic Way, Hinckley, $25,000.

James Dunn Trustee to Patrick Dayton and Mary Catherine Shafer, Residence at 1426 Adrienne Circle, Sycamore, $287,500.

Dean and Laverna Lyons to Sloane R. Johnson, Residence at 112 West St., Kingston, $90,000.

Patrick D. and Mary C. Shafer to Kaleigh Bahl, Residence at 809 Constance Lane, Sycamore, $170,000.

Sydney E. Stensland to Herlinda Perez Zamudio, Residence at 311 N. State St., Genoa, $172,000.

Realtax Developers Ltd. to First Mid Wealth Management Company Land Trust 44190460, Residence at 206 Fairview Drive, DeKalb, $23,234.

Brett J. Robatzek to Ryan and Lauren Quinn, Residence at 29290 Glidden Road, Kingston, $285,000.

Steven F. and Carla R. Whitney Trustees to Darren Deleon, Residence at 695 Blackstone Court, Unit 695, DeKalb, $170,000.

K. Jon Aves Trustee to Timothy S. Hall, Starr N. Hall and Karen Hall-Stade, Residence at 29203 Johnson Road, Kingston, $200,000.

Donna B. Dec’d By Executor David P. Petersen to Cory N. Orstead, Residence at 294 W. Fuller Drive, Waterman, $309,000.

Thomas and Nancy Mangan to Richard W. and Cynthia J. Russell, Residence at 24765 Clare Road, Clare, $575,000.

Todd L. McDonald to Alexandra E. Bemis, Residence at 1025 N. Devonshire Drive, Sycamore, $436,000.

George Scott Hasselman and Martha Elena Trust Trustees to Christensen LLC, Farmland off Wolf Road, Kingston, $635,901.

Aaron and Hilda D. Schock to Jacob T. Linden, Residence at 1950 Elfran Drive, Sycamore, $250,000.

Christopher D. and Nicole M. Wiehle to Daniel B. and Judith A. Wallace, Residence at 1833 Luther Lowell Lane, Sycamore, $412,000.

James and Leann M. Teckenbrock to James E. Pytel II and Darby M. Pytel, Residence at 1509 N. Latham St., Sandwich, $291,000.

REO Funding Solutions IV LLC to NVR Inc. / Ryan Homes, Lot at 1110 S. Wind Drive, Sandwich, $20,888.89.

Ryan Finley and Christina Clinite to Robin Z. and Nicole Witt, Residence at 545 N. Pine St., Waterman, $230,000.

Samuel Wong Trustee to Cornelio Aquino, Residence at 130 Sherman Place, DeKalb, $115,000.

Scott Carlson to Guillermo Gaston Aldrete Jr. & Melissa M. Ambrozewski, Residence at 118 Nichols Drive, Sycamore, $349,900.

Northland Holdings LLC / Tiffany Grayson to Mytemor LLC, Residence at 313 W. High St., Sycamore, $240,000.

Thomas W. Stewart Dec’d By Heirs Gerald Nordgren, Sherri Fowler and Colleen Thiltgen to Secretary Of Veterans Affairs, Residence at 715 Cooper Court, Genoa, $147,928.

Dorothy B. Dodge Trust by Trustee Andrew Dodge to Northern Illinois University Foundation, Farmland at John Huber Parkway / Route 38, DeKalb, $1,700,000.

Melissa M. Ambrozewski to George D. Amaro Jr., Residence at 528 E. Sycamore St., Sycamore, $226,000.

Ryan N. Hayes to Five Points Road LLC, Farmland at Five Points Road, Sycamore, $589,280.

NVR Inc. / Ryan Homes to Marcus Austin and Anna Nightingale, Residence at 1004 Chestnut Circle, Sandwich, $318,545.

Jenale M. Aukland to Jamie Crose, Residence at 19 W. Crofoot St., Sandwich, $288,000.

James W. Fay to Robert & Marcia Dempsey Trust by Trustee, Lot at Leland Road, Waterman, $10,000.

Jane Fay to Robert and Marcia Dempsey Trust by Trustee, Farmland off Leland Road, Waterman, $5,000.

John Kent Bross Trustee to Kenneth Allen Schweiger, Residence at 15126 State Route 23, DeKalb, $278,500

Apogee Bloom LLC to DWG Inc., Residence at 210 E. South Malta Road, Malta, $128,500.

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