Letters to the Editor

Letter: Open letter to Rep. Adam Kinzinger

To the Editor,

This is an open letter to Rep. Adam Kinzinger.

I campaigned for you in support of your re-election of 2020. I assured fellow Republican campaign workers that you had advanced to the conservative right; and, while you still were not completely in line with our President, you would nevertheless back his administration. In other words, I vouched for you.

It sometimes seems that when we send our representative to Washington, he chooses to believe that because he speaks for some 700,000 constituents, he is 700,000 times more important than each individual and not accountable to any.

While I spoke up for you during the period when your candidacy was subordinate to that of President Trump, my expectation was that in turn you would also hold your re-election secondary to an alliance with his, recognizing that Republican Party voters casting ballots in 2020 were part of a historical movement promoting Donald J. Trump as the second-term 45th President, pro-life, pro-freedom, pro-capitalism and pro-military, veteran and law enforcement.

I remind you again that when you speak, the political arena considers your voice to be mine. Yet, I read that following Nov. 4, when your position was secured, you elected to denounce our President, even while he was championing for a fair and honest accounting of votes in an election stolen by fake polls, fake news, fake ballots and fraudulent voting procedures done under the cover of darkness.

You are to be a conduit conveying the voices of District 16 in Illinois. I had to leave Illinois to attend a presidential rally because we lack strong political leadership here. I am not certain you visited Princeton during the campaign; if you did, you did not stop in at the Republican Headquarters where we distributed campaign signs on your behalf to the many voters who stopped in seeking “anything Trump.” The voters from District 16 are staunch supporters of our President, and we know he won the election.

As you retake your seat in the House, you will encounter the socialist (Democrat) regime spreading unhindered its condemnation, censorship and oppression. Your voice will be silenced just as was mine. You will have a seat fireside where the socialist brand is made hot and our freedom stamped out. A year from now, Rep. Kinzinger, send a letter to me and let me know how you feel about a Trump presidency then.

“This is what you get when you steal an election” is a true statement in reference to a march on the Capitol, and it means simply “people object.” Had you been part of the Make America Great movement and supported our President, you would not have misinterpreted his message. I do not believe a tweet is an impeachable offense, and I strongly oppose your vote to impeach. Did you truly represent your constituency; and when you say “we” are fighting against misinformation from Christians, just exactly who are we?

You need to look at the bigger picture apart from the tragic violence at the Capitol. President Trump gave us the best four years in our nation’s history; and, but for our viral gift from China and mail-in ballots, he would be launching a second term.

I shall stress one final time, your first responsibility in Congress is to represent me, thus the term. At least allow me to speak for what I believe is right before you take a position as significant as a vote to impeach my President. I would prefer a Representative who ran “only to be famous” to one who misrepresents his voters and throws my vote under the bus. My “come to Jesus moment” will be in a renewed campaign for President Trump and for whoever runs against you.

Evalyn Hassler