Master Gardeners visit Hall High School’s Conservation Garden

All levels of biology classes were presented materials

Master Gardener Barb Dahlbach discusses pollination with students from Hall High School.

Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists from the Bureau, LaSalle and Marshall-Putnam University of Illinois Extension program visited Hall High School Conservation Garden on September 15.

The day was spent engaged with students demonstrating how to save the world one seed at a time. All levels of Biology Classes were presented materials about the importance of pollinators and native plantings.

Students received research-based information from University of Illinois. This information, partnered with the hands-on guidance from Master Gardeners/Naturalists, provided students with a sound understanding of the types of pollinators, their native host plants and the importance of pollination to the survival of our species.

Students learned how to identify native plants and gather seeds to be used for planting in the Spring.

The University of Illinois Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists will return to Hall High School to teach the students the stratification and sowing process.

Students will learn valuable lessons in planting seeds for the future and preservation of our native ecosystems. Conservation efforts continue at Hall High school.