Bureau Valley North puzzle club is a hit

Foundation grant, volunteer table makers help group get off the ground

Bureau Valley Walnut Elementary has taken a grant from the Bureau Valley School Foundation and turned it into a fun morning activity, that continues to grow in popularity.

In the fall of the 2019-2020 school year, the school received the grant to purchase wooden puzzles and a puzzle table. Ed Gerdes built the school a puzzle table using the old bleacher boards from the Walnut gymnasium.

Puzzles were ordered, but the pandemic shut down any hopes of getting a puzzle club off the ground.

This year, the group has finally been able to sit together and work on the puzzles as a group every morning before school. The puzzle table became so popular a second puzzle table was requested of Lonny Peach. The group now has two tables that have students crowded around them each morning full of laughter and hard workers. The Bureau Valley North PTO even purchased T-shirts for the students.