Marc Silverman: Stop looking for style points, Justin Fields took care of business Saturday

Bears ranked 32nd in yards after catch last season

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields looks to pass the ball against the Tennessee Titans during the first half of a preseason game, Saturday, Aug. 12, 2023, in Chicago.

Imagine complaining about a Michael Jordan breakaway dunk.

Or a Patrick Kane empty net goal.

But that’s exactly what some were doing with Justin Fields’ two touchdown passes in Saturday’s preseason game against the Titans. Complaints! The degree of difficulty wasn’t up to some peoples liking.

Quarterback snobs.

These aren’t just sports radio callers – who I happen to LOVE – or Twitter trolls – who I dislike.

I have read criticism about Fields’ touchdown throws from football people who have covered the sport for years.

Imagine complaining about touchdowns like you’ve been delayed all day by an airline.

Let’s start at the top.

Fields is still developing.

It prompted my radio partner and former Bears fan favorite Tom Waddle to rip off Joe Maddon and say that Fields needs to “do simple better”.

• Take the check downs.

• Get the ball out quicker.

• Get hit less.

• Be more accurate.

• Make your layups.

Waddle’s point is once he becomes consistent, the more difficult stuff will become easier.

Fields will get into a rhythm and gain confidence.

So, with that checklist as the development backdrop, Fields hits his BFF DJ Moore on his third play from scrimmage on a screen and it goes 62 yards for a touchdown. The guy that Ryan Poles had to have in the trade for the No. 1 overall pick just showed Bears fans in his first offensive series how incredible he’s going to be, and we’ve got a bunch of football Karens over the length of the TD pass.

On his second touchdown pass, Fields wisely did not run, but scrambled within the pocket, and found Khalil Herbert on the screen for a 56-yard touchdown pass. Don’t get hit when you don’t have to. Don’t take a risk when you don’t have to.

Herbert is a former sixth-round pick who makes less than a million dollars. And in a landscape where star running backs are fighting with their teams over their worth, Poles has put together a running back room the way it’s supposed to be in 2023. Yet, instead of focusing on any of the above, some wanted to discredit Fields once again for the length of the pass through the air.

And by the way, the Bears were last in the NFL in 2022 in yards after the catch.

Two catches. Two long runs after the catch.

That’s the headline, right?

Nope. Let’s rip Fields for serving us steak but cutting it incorrectly.

If it was so simple to just execute the simple stuff, Velus Jone would catch a punt.

But that’s a story for another day.

There will be days [hopefully not many] when Fields deserves criticism.

Saturday wasn’t one of them.

As I like to tell everyone, length isn’t everything.

• Marc Silverman shares his opinions on the Bears weekly for Shaw Local. Tune in and listen to the “Waddle & Silvy” show weekdays from 2 to 6 p.m. on ESPN 1000.

Marc Silverman

Marc Silverman

Marc Silverman shares his opinions on the Bears weekly for Shaw Local. Tune in and listen to the Waddle & Silvy show weekdays from 2 to 6 p.m. on ESPN 1000.