August 12, 2022


2021 NFL mock draft: Hub Arkush version 1.0

The only sure thing about a mock draft is it will change multiple times between now and the end of April.

But what won’t change is the strength of this year’s crop with six wide receivers, five quarterbacks and five edge rushers in my first crack at the first round.

Every team in the NFL wants to throw the football and rush the passer these days, so it’s no surprise those three positions make up half of my first mock draft.

The biggest surprise here is I only have three offensive linemen – all tackles – going in the first round, in part because more teams are looking for guards and centers and there just aren’t many with first-round grades.

But if I’m right, there will be at least three more tackles with first-round grades waiting for new homes until Day 2.

Let the fun begin.

Hub Arkush

Hub Arkush

Hub Arkush is the Senior Bears Analyst for Shaw Local News Network and