June 24, 2024


62 Sycamore students named ILMEA all-district musicians

SYCAMORE – Forty-five high school and 17 middle school students from the Sycamore School District were recently selected as members of the 2020 Illinois Music Educators Association All-District Orchestras, Bands, Jazz Bands and Choirs.

Students who were chosen for All-District ensembles recorded material for judges in competitive auditions in October. The middle school students who were selected attended online workshops on Nov. 14, while the selected high school students attended online workshops on Nov. 21.

“We’re extremely proud of our student musicians and the dedicated faculty and parents who helped them prepare for ILMEA auditions,” Scott Mertens, District 427 Music Department Chair, said in a news release. “Even in a routine year, auditioning and performing for judges requires substantial focus and determination. Those attributes were even more essential this year, with students being required to produce their own audition videos in a specific format. The fact that 62 middle and high school students in band, choir, jazz band and orchestra were selected for ILMEA’s All-District level is a testament to the quality of our music programs.”

Students from Sycamore High School who were selected for the ILMEA All-District festivals include:

High school choir:

Soprano – Ava Bickner, Cassandra Chamoun, Gabi Juday, Melissa Lerohl, Aaliyah McCormick, Vani Subramony, Megan Taylor; Alto – Caroline Menzer, Noelle Simone, Megan Taylor; Tenor – Sam McDonald; Bass – Jeremy Peterson.

High school choir (freshmen participating in junior festival activities):

Soprano – Liliana Jennings

High school orchestra:

Violin – Sofi Briscoe, Emma Fredericks, Stephanie Kim, Alexandria Penate-Lopez, Eva Peterson, Emily Prebil, Erin Templin, Ritta Wi; Viola – Emily Bychowski, Elizabeth Kleckner; Cello – Grace Pickard, Luke Templin; Bass – Jon Locascio.

High school orchestra winds:

Oboe – Jake Rundle; Clarinet – Chloe Harbecke; Trumpet – Tryggve Vilaseca; Trombone – Karl Peterson.

High school band:

Oboe – Drew Donahoe, Makena Ndicu; Clarinet – Lorin Kmieciak, Adam Zeller, Miranda Zhang; Tenor Sax – Allison Troy; Horn – Aidan Dempsey, Mitch Edwards; Trombone – Sam Crutcher, Colin Wunner; Tuba – Vinny Brito; Percussion – Greyson Decker.

High school jazz band:

Tenor Sax – Allison Troy; Trombone – Karl Peterson; Piano – Colin Wunner; Guitar – Jeremy Peterson.

Students from Sycamore Middle School who have been selected for the ILMEA district festivals include:

Middle school band:

Flute – Mikenna DeSpain, Rei Martin, Jordan Reyman; Oboe – Elizabeth McConkie; Clarinet – Giana Huffstutler, Payton Kalweit; Trumpet – Brooke Lynn Kalweit, Aiden Saam; Horn – Evelyn Irwin.

Middle school jazz band:

Trumpet – Aiden Saam.

Middle school orchestra:

Violin – Claudia Hulseberg, Milo Wirsing; Viola – Teagan Hagemeyer; Cello – Delaney Baylor, Grace Follman, Alistair Lanting, Evan Tonaki.

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