December 06, 2021


Week 11 power rankings: Dolphins, Cardinals making noise; Patriots find new life

Our power rankings are updated each week during the NFL’s regular season and are intended to rank teams based on their talent and performance to date.

Rankings will change each week because of personnel changes, injuries and performance, and a team’s ranking in any given week has no impact on where they might rank in weeks to come.

These are our NFL Week 11 Power Rankings:

1. Pittsburgh (9-0): Not really finding a reason these guys can't win it all.

2. Kansas City (8-1): Looking for revenge and to put AFC West away Sunday in Las Vegas.

3. New Orleans (7-2): Is Jameis Winston ready to hold down the fort for Drew Brees?

4. Green Bay (7-2): Can't argue 7-2, but why was Jacksonville so hard?

5. Buffalo (7-3): Talk about a kick in the gut, gave one away in Arizona.

6. Baltimore (6-3): Did Patriots expose the soft spots in Ravens' armor?

7. Indianapolis (6-3): Smackdown of Titans no shock, but can they do it every week?

8. Tampa Bay (7-3): Is struggle with Giants or the second half vs. Panthers who these guys are?

9. Seattle (6-3): Apparently you do still have to have a defense to win in the NFL.

10. Miami (6-3): The rebuild is racing but are they actually a contender already?

11. L.A. Rams (6-3): Talk about up and down, are they sure who they are?

12. Tennessee (6-3): Now 1-3 since 5-0 start, a speed bump or is this what's real?

13. Arizona (6-3): Is DeAndre Hopkins only player in league that makes that play?

14. Las Vegas (6-3): Can they get Chiefs twice? Schedule pretty friendly after this.

15. Cleveland (6-3): Give them credit for 6-3, but it's the softest 6-3 around.

16. Minnesota (4-5): Time to take them seriously after three straight division wins.

17. New England (4-5): Just when we thought they were done, win overs Ravens gives them new life.

18. Chicago (5-5): This has gotten impossible to watch in spite of great 'D.'

19. San Francisco (4-6): Now Armstead to I.R.? Injury list just doesn't seem fair.

20. Detroit (4-5): They're really just treading water, does that save G.M., coach?

21. N.Y. Giants (3-7): These guys are best team in the NFC Least, how scary is that?

22. Philadelphia (3-5-1): These guys just got butts kicked by Giants, how scary is that?

23. Atlanta (3-6): Raheem Morris' birds have won 3 of 4 but way too little too late.

24. Denver (3-6): Not quite the 49ers' injury list, but enough for a lost season.

25. Cincinnati (2-6-1): Burrow looks real but still so little around him.

26. Carolina (3-6): Looking like a true rebuilding team now but still fighting hard.

27. L.A. Chargers (2-7): Is this what Spanos expected when they waved bye to Rivers?

28. Washington (2-7): Even if they stink, Alex Smith and Ron Rivera are such great stories.

29. Dallas (2-7): Problems were nothing a bye could fix, let's see what's next.

30. Houston (2-7): This feels a lot like a rudderless ship right now.

31. Jacksonville (1-8): At least James Robinson is a Lotto ticket paying off.

32. N.Y. Jets (0-9): At least bye couldn't make them any worse.

Hub Arkush

Hub Arkush

Hub Arkush is a Bears/NFL Insider for Shaw Media