May 27, 2023
Local News

Providence Catholic Marching Celtics win state title

Everything was a little different for the Providence Catholic Marching Celtics this season, but that doesn’t take any joy out of winning a state title.

The Celtics had to create shows that kept the players seven-and-a-half feet apart while playing with masks on, and in front of an emptier than usual crowd.

Providence took second place last year, but was able to get over the hump and come out on top in the final weekend of October. The performances were recorded and submitted virtually. The band scored an 89.92, which is their highest score ever recorded.

“It was weird with really no crowd and not seeing everyone excited for the band,” said Wyatt Goorsky, a junior on the drumline. “I’m just glad I was able to see all my friends still and play with people.”

Band was one of the first high school activities to open over the summer during the pandemic and the band had been working hard ever since. The band had virtual rehearsals at first.

“We were on Zoom and our instructors would have us grab a practice pad for percussion and we’d play that way,” he said. “We really worked on the basics during that time. We wouldn't really worry about playing together and one would play and the rest would mute. It became individualized.

And Goorsky believes taking everything back to the basics really helped the Celtics in the long run.

“If you can’t get the basics down, you’re not going to go anywhere,” he said. “I wrestle too and it's the same thing. If I can’t do the basics, I’d never be able to win.”

The Celtics’ performance consisted of three different themes focused around different movements, Goorsky said.

The first movement depicted the band as if they were ants, running around the field with no direction and very upbeat. The second movement was to depict them as graceful butterflies with more musicality to it, he said. It wrapped up depicting the band as spiders.

“We put so much into this year and I’m just happy,” he said. “It was an amazing year, we won state and everyone was unbelievable.”

Goorsky said that there was a buzz around school as people were getting excited for the band. With much of the fall sports and activities being canceled, it gave the students something to cheer about.

“It means something to all of us,” he said. We spent countless hours on that field and so many hours practicing by ourselves. We finally got to pull it off. It meant something to the whole band.”