February 25, 2021
Local News

DAR chapter recognizes National Family Literacy Day

HENRY — The Chief Senachwine Chapter NSDAR is announcing its recognition of National Family Literacy Day on Nov. 1. Established by the 103rd Congress in 1994, National Family Literacy Day emphasizes the importance of reading and learning for the entire family and highlights the impact that parents have on their child’s learning.

National Family Literacy Day usually focuses on special activities to showcase the importance of family reading to help build a nation of readers. For example, in November 2019, the Chief Senachwine Chapter co-hosted with the Henry Library a Family Reading Night at the library. Several veterans selected their favorite children’s books to read to the children and their families that gathered at the library. Unfortunately, despite plans to host the event again, the Family Reading Night at the library cannot be repeated this year due to COVID.

Nevertheless, families can underscore the importance of reading by and to their children to assist in reading and literacy. Some suggestions are to have reading night(s) with the family, collect and donate books, check into read-a-thons and participate in reading-challenge programs sponsored by schools and libraries.

Noticeable is the alarming fact that as many as one in six adults struggle with reading and writing. A reading/writing adult gains self-respect and confidence. That person can strive toward goals that otherwise would not be achievable. Fostering child reading is essential to the development of an adult reader/writer.

With education as one of the cornerstones of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Chief Senachwine Chapter NSDAR is committed to increasing literacy by promoting and supporting literacy programs.

The proclamation signed by Mayor John Wabel, Lacon, underscores the importance of literacy, celebrates the joy of reading, encourages area residents to promote literacy by reading together as a family, and extends deep appreciation to those who strengthen the literacy of our children and the local community.