August 16, 2022
Letters to the Editor

Vote ‘yes’ for Putnam County’s tax referendum

Putnam County voters:

We all know that a very important election is coming up in November for president. In addition, we Putnam County residents will be asked to approve a tax referendum to keep our sheriff’s department operating in a safe and efficient manner.

Several years ago a referendum was soundly defeated and in my opinion rightfully so! Were we ever given reasons why additional monies were needed? Were we ever told what happened to over one million dollars in reserves that were spent foolishly or appropriately?

Putnam County may be small in population, but we still have crime, domestic violence, and sadly homicides. I urge everyone to vote yes on this very important public safety issue. We want it, we need it and we demand it from our county officials.

I’m sure Sheriff Doyle, deputies, 911 communicators would appreciate you support.

Paul Miskowiec