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The Whiteside County Health Department announced four new COVID-19 cases on Sunday, involving people younger than 20, and in their 20s, 50s and older than 80.

Lee County announced two new cases involving people in their 20s and 50s.

Ogle and Carroll counties do not release data on weekends.

Whiteside County has had 361 cases and 17 COVID-related deaths. Lee County has had 169 cases, 133 recoveries and one death. Ogle County has had 415 cases, 370 recoveries and five deaths. Carroll County has had 66 cases, 39 recoveries and four deaths.

Illinois on Sunday announced 1,382 new cases and eight deaths. The state has had 194,080 cases and 7,636 deaths.

Sterling has had 1,709 people tested with 138 cases. Rock Falls has had 1,011 tested and 71 cases. Dixon has had 3,106 tested and 143 cases. Rochelle has had 2,208 tested and 201 cases.

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