Rep. Kifowit issues demand to Madigan: 'Do the right thing' and step down as House Speaker

State Rep. Stephanie Kifowit, D-Oswego, is demanding Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan "do the right thing" and immediately step down from his leadership position amid a federal investigation into a bribery scheme involving ComEd in which Madigan has been implicated.

In a letter sent to Madigan's office Thursday morning, Kifowit acknowledged that she had voted for Madigan for Speaker of the House in the past.

"I voted with the view that you would respect and honor the leadership position of Speaker of the House," she wrote.

However, Kifowit noted that ComEd "has admitted to many breeches of public trust with regards to gaining favor with 'Public Official A' and that "it is public knowledge that Public Official A is you, Speaker Madigan.

"While at the moment there are no legal charges against you, the actions described in the document and the actions of the individuals that were empowered by you, and were consider your 'inner circle,' did not hold the respect and dignity of the institution of the Illinois State House and the General Assembly as a whole."

Kifowit continued, "The actions described in the U.S. Attorney's Deferred Prosecution Agreement by ComEd show that you have compromised the integrity of the office of Speaker of the House and undermined the public trust. In addition, your involvement as 'Public Official A' exposes a conflict of interest as we deliberate and evaluate how the legislative process has been manipulated.

"Therefore, I demand you to do the right thing and step down immediately as Speaker of the House. In the event that you do not, and if you choose to seek nomination to this positions again, I will vote against said nomination and will not vote for should your nomination be successful."

A former Aurora alderman, Kifowit was sworn into office in 2013 and represents the 84th House District, which includes portions of Aurora, Naperville, Oswego and Montgomery.

Madigan has served as Speaker of the House for all but two years dating back to 1983. The Chicago Democrat was first elected to the House in 1970.

John Etheredge

John Etheredge

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