August 16, 2022
Letters to the Editor | Bureau County Republican


Yednock and Rezin deserve thanks for leadership on Rebuild Illinois

As businesses around our community reopen, we are looking forward to coming back stronger than ever, thanks to the bipartisan work of local legislators Rep. Lance Yednock and Sen. Sue Rezin.

Yednock and Rezin helped bring together Democrats and Republicans to enact a major investment in local businesses like mine supporting a historic transportation and capital investment plan called Rebuild Illinois. The program will do just what it says: rebuild our roads, bridges and other key infrastructure so we can move our economy forward. As the president of a company in the transportation industry employing many well-trained union workers, we are busy at work despite the economic turn-down because legislators saw the importance of deciding today to invest in our success tomorrow.

Without Rebuild Illinois, and the protection in the Constitution to spend this money only on our transportation system, our workforce would be adding to the local economic strain from coronavirus.

It is worth noting that local communities are getting much-needed repair funds. Last year alone, the state added projects in LaSalle County to repair bridge decks on I-39 and US 52, bridge repair on I-80, pavement work on US 71, pavement repair and widening on Nate Fleming Road, new construction on Unytite Drive, and the resurfacing on Route 6 through Ottawa. There are more critical improvements planned for the coming years, which will help continue strengthening local businesses and creating new opportunities in our area.

Rep. Yednock and Sen. Rezin are investing in the recovery by repairing our roads and bridges, keeping local workers employed and keeping travelers safe. They deserve our thanks for their leadership on this issue.


Steven R. Nelson, president Advanced Asphalt Co.