Letter: Seth Wiggins is my choice for state representative

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To the Editor:

Having been raised in Dixon and Amboy, Seth Wiggins is familiar with the needs of the people of Illinois and knows how to get things done.

After attending Sauk Valley College, he joined the Air Force where he served 4 years and completed 144 combat sorties as military intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

Seth is presently serving with the Air National Guard. Service to his country is nothing new to him, even now he is deployed. Having done a career in the Navy, I know what it’s like to have to drop everything for a deployment.

Seth attended Northern Illinois University where he received his bachelor's degree in political science. After his undergraduate studies, he attended law school where he graduated cum laude. After being admitted to the Illinois Bar Association, he became a prosecutor for the Winnebago County State's Attorney office. He also served as an assistant state's attorney in Sterling, and served as an associate attorney for the law office of Allison B. Fagerman, P.C.

Seth has a sound plan for bringing good jobs to Illinois. Laying the foundation for a large labor force business can employ to accomplish their mission. Career programs, other than college, for young people to learn skilled trades. He will stand with union workers and protect their benefits and rights.

He will set a new framework to deal with mental health through our courts, hospitals, prisons, schools and public agencies. He is a state-certified volunteer advocate for survivors of sexual assault who counseled victims in Rockford.

It is with great pride and hopes for election that I will support Seth Wiggins for District 90 state representative.

Phil Vella


Note to readers: Seth Wiggins, a Democrat from Dixon, is running against state Rep. Tom Demmer, a Republican from Dixon.