Ottawa first baseman Jenna Nink charges a slow-rolling groundball during the 2019 softball season.
Ottawa first baseman Jenna Nink charges a slow-rolling groundball during the 2019 softball season.

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Ten questions with a high school spring sports athlete unable to play during the current coronavirus containment measures:

1) Name

Jenna Nink

2) School, year, college plans

Ottawa, senior, signed to play Division I softball at Northern Illinois University

3) Spring sport


4) How did you first hear that the season was being suspended?

"My coach Adam Lewis told our team after practice (on Friday, March 13) that our season would be postponed. He mentioned the importance of still working hard and holding ourselves and teammates accountable."

5) What were you and your teammates' feelings when first hearing the news the season was being halted?

"My teammates and I were definitely upset to hear the news. We were really looking forward to a successful season."

6) Have you been doing anything to try to stay in game shape?

"Yes, I have been doing a lot of offensive and defensive drills with my dad. I have been working out a lot at home. It's been a lot of running, circuit workouts and speed drills. Also, Coach Russ (DeVerteuil), my personal trainer, has helped me stay in season shape."

7) Have you stayed in contact with your coaches and teammates?

"Yes, Coach Adam has been doing a great job of keeping our team in the loop of any updates on the season. He's been helping us stay on track to be successful for our first game."

8) What do you miss most about being able to compete?

"I miss my teammates and coaches. My teammates and I had a great season last year, and I really believe that our momentum will carry over this season."

9) What were your personal goals for this season? How about team goals?

"We have a new conference this year (Ottawa left the Northern Illinois Big 12 for the Interstate Eight), and I'm hoping that we will be conference champs and defend our regional title. This is my senior year, and I just hope to improve every year and be a great leader for Ottawa."

10) Do you think the season will still take place? If so, in what form/under what kind of schedule?

"Yes, I believe it will take place. It will be a reduced schedule, but it shouldn't affect us too much. Hopefully the season will start soon."

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