Herrcke Hardware to air on ‘American Pickers’ Monday

The historic Herrcke Hardware will appear on the History Channel’s “American Pickers” at 8 p.m. Monday, Jan. 20.

Herrcke Hardware was in business 121 years, selling hardware in downtown La Salle at 431-435 First St. The store began a clearance sale in July 2018.

In the popular show, the stars of the program, who go just by Mike and Frank (Fritz), ride together in a van and sometimes roll up to barns in the woods or properties with interesting items outside, and knock on the door. At times, they follow some clues and find collectors who might be willing to show and sell a few items, ranging from old advertising signs to old cars, motorcycle parts and bicycles.

Sometimes, they get a tip and follow up on it, as was the case with Herrcke Hardware, the family business that operated in the same building since the 1920s. A store which, during its lengthy going-out-of-business sale in 2018, often had unused, unusual items on the shelves, such as baseball bats from the 1950s, hockey sticks from the 1960s, mid-century fishing and hunting equipment, children's toys and oddities, such as Roy Rogers flashlights.