Lakewood awards medals to 4 who saved swimmer in need

Four people were awarded lifesaving medals Tuesday night after they helped a swimmer who slipped underwater and was unconscious.

The Lakewood Police Department and village of Lakewood awarded the medals during Tuesday's Village Board meeting.

Gavin Wang, Max Fuerholzer, Nick Camacho and Joel Brickey received the medals in commendation for their actions July 5.

That morning, while swimming after a run, Jake Perkins suffered a medical emergency and was discovered missing by his teammates, Lakewood Police Chief Todd Richardson said.

They began searching for him and found him underwater. Working together, they hauled him to shore, found a resident with a cellphone and called 911. Because of their quick thinking and actions, Perkins fully recovered, Richardson said.

He commended the rescuers, saying, "On this Thanksgiving week, we extend our deepest appreciation to these young men for their selfless acts to another in a time of need. We are all very proud of them."