Letter: Climate change is urgent

To the Editor,

Climate Change is the single most urgent and important issue facing the world in the 21st century, and every American has a moral responsibility to do their part to combat it. No issue is more important than enacting sweeping changes within the next 12 years to cut global emissions in half.

Immigration systems need reform, but if we do not stop climate change the number of immigrants we will be dealing with will change from 100s of thousands to tens/hundreds of millions resulting from catastrophic coastal flooding. The national debt is pressing, but damage from flooding caused by climate change is estimated at trillions of dollars yearly late this century.

In light of thus, events such as the Arbor Day celebration should be covered more widely. In addition, citizens who care about future generations should vote only for candidates who promise to take a strong stance on legislation seeking to stop climate change, and vote out of office anyone who denies the scientific consensus that climate change is indeed happening, and is extremely urgent.

Jacob Carignan