July 14, 2024
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Crime & Courts

Man charged after reporting 'woman' didn't make good on sex offer

DeKALB – A man who reported to police a "woman" he paid to have sex with him never showed up has been charged with solicitation of a sexual act.

Peter N. Coleman, 52, of the 600 block of North Annie Glidden Road, could face up to a year in jail if he's convicted.

Police say in court records that Coleman reported that he paid "Kayrene" $40 via Paypal to have sex with him, but she never showed, so he wanted the bank to refund his money.

According to the records, Coleman showed officers the exchange of messages with "Kayrene" indicating he wanted back his $40, which he'd paid her for gas, and that she never came for the other $50.

"Kayrene" told Coleman in a message that there would be a refund charge, at which point he urged her to just go to his house to have sex.

Coleman claims that because he did not, in fact, receive the woman's services, he didn't think he'd get into trouble.

Coleman was arrested Tuesday and posted $150 bail to be released, and is due back in court at 9 a.m. Dec. 20.