Sycamore car wash reopens with new equipment, service options

SYCAMORE – A long-standing car wash business on DeKalb Avenue has reopened under new ownership with updated washing equipment.

Sycamore $3 Express Car Wash began accepting cars at 1775 DeKalb Ave. on Feb. 3.

Owner Greg Barich said an updated car wash seemed like something Sycamore needed, and the location of the previous business had easy access and visibility for passing vehicles.

“We’re happy to be here and happy with the response so far,” Barich said. “We look forward to being part of the community.”

General Manager Ryan Westerman said Sycamore Auto-Bath had been at the DeKalb Avenue location for about 30 years; the new ownership took over in March, and construction began in July.

Westerman said the old washing equipment, designed in the early 1980s, was becoming outdated. For example, the rims on newer cars with low-profile tires would get damaged.

“I call it an antique car wash,” he said. “It was a touch of service, automatic, and also self service; you basically pull in and wash your own vehicle by yourself.”

Westerman said the old equipment was also harder to replace when parts would break down.

“We found that it was time to essentially tear down, rebuild and upgrade, get more current,” he said. “A much more friendly car wash for all the newer vehicles on the road.”

The business offers five types of washes at different price levels. The $3 express wash is considered a light wash, while the $6 basic wash includes rim washing, clear coat protectant and other features.

More is included in the $10 extreme wash, such as triple foam polish and Armor All tire shiner. The $12 ultimate wash includes all the features of the extreme wash plus Vision Clear rain repellent.

The most expensive is the $15 “the works” wash, which includes all features of the less expensive washes plus a hot wax shine treatment.

Westerman said the washes are automatic and come with free, self-serve vacuuming at the end. A carpet mat cleaner also is available where customers can insert their mats to be swept.

The business also features a self-serve pet washing station with various options for dog shampoo, conditioner, skunk odor eliminator, fragrance and flea and tick treatment. The car wash is open daily from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

“We’re local; we’re friendly,” Westerman said. “It’s my opinion, and from the feedback from all the other customers, that this would be the best-bang-for-your-buck car wash.”