Braidwood man charged with striking man with piece of lumber

Kaleb Findlay (left) and Jake Madding

A Braidwood man was accused of using a piece of lumber to strike another man, who was also arrested on a charge of possessing a stolen gun.

On Sunday, officers were sent to a residence in the 500 block of North Center Street in Braidwood regarding a fight, according to a statement from the Braidwood Police Department.

When officers arrived, they saw Jake Madding, 24, who lives on that block, covered in blood from injuries he had on his face, police said.

Madding claimed he had been struck in the face by a piece of lumber wielded by Kaleb Findlay, 24, of Braidwood.

During the investigation of the incident, officers learned Findlay threatened Madding earlier in the day. Madding then traveled to a residence in Grundy County to obtain a handgun.

That weapon was a stolen Springfield XD 9 mm firearm, according to a criminal complaint filed against Madding. The complaint alleged Madding had no valid firearm owner’s identification card that was needed to possess the gun.

While Madding was at his North Center Street residence, the gun accidentally went off when he was trying to unload it. The incident happened before Findlay arrived at the residence.

Madding was taken to a hospital but he refused treatment. He and Findlay were taken to the Will County jail.

Findlay was charged with aggravated battery and battery. Madding was charged with possession of a stolen firearm, as well as possession of a firearm and ammunition without a firearm owner’s identification card.

Findlay’s bond was set at $15,000 while Madding’s bond was set at $7,500.

Despite having the higher bond, Findlay was able to post 10% of his bond to secure his release from jail. Madding remains locked up as of Thursday.

Findlay must have no contact with Madding or his residence as a condition of his bond. He must also submit to drug testing on all of his court dates.