Something for everyone at barn sale fundraiser for Serenity Hospice and Home July 21-24

OREGON — Jack of all Trades…and Jill’s too! Huge Barn Sale will be opening for four days only from July 21-24.

The barn at 1194 W Mud Creek Road, north of Oregon will be filled with new and vintage items, collectibles and fun things to own.

“After 25 years of having a fundraising sale, we think we have it right!,” said organizer Karen Virnoche. “We started out on our porch and after a few years when the barn was ‘remodeled’ with cement floor and new windows, we moved into the barn. The last 4 years we have given the proceeds to Serenity Hospice and Home.”

Serenity serves people anywhere they call “home” and provides support in all areas of need from medical to bereavement to volunteers, Virnoche said.

Heirlooms, items for reimaging a room, and possessions that have accumulated over the years are all part of this year’s sale.

“We receive very unusual things as well as practical items. Everything is clean and organized,” Virnoche said. “We all know it is important to recycle. This is the perfect place to find something that can be transformed into a treasure. Why not come and look – you may find something unique to refurbish.

“There are many items that will help you renovate something you have or provide an accent to a room. Yard and garden items are a great bargain too. Vintage is the word. There are too many collector pieces to describe,” she said.

“If you have come to the sale in the past, please come again. If you have never come to the sale, you don’t know what you are missing and this is the year to find out … bring your friends. There is something for everyone.”

The sale will be open from at 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., rain or shine.

For additional information, call Virnoche at 815-973-2050.