What to know when buying sheets

Sheets are the part of the bed that your body comes into contact with every night, so make sure the fabric is sturdy, but most of all comfortable, to ensure a good night’s sleep.

You don’t want to sleep on scratchy, lumpy, pilling fabric.

Combed Egyptian cotton is preferred by many people for comfort, as is pima cotton. The combing process removes impurities from the fabric for a smooth feel. If you like the crisp feel of cotton, this may be the best choice for you.

Cotton is a popular choice for sheets throughout all the seasons of the year. Not only is it breathable, keeping you from sweating while you sleep, but it is also a highly affordable material. Higher thread count in cotton sheets indicates higher quality sheets, so keep that in mind when shopping for cotton.

The softest sheets, however, are usually made from synthetic microfiber. Much like cotton sheets, microfiber sheets indicate quality with higher thread counts.

Heavier sheets are warmer in winter and lighter weight sheets are cooler in summer. And even though microfiber is soft, it can be too warm for some on hot summer days.

Flannel is an excellent material for sheets. When the cold weather takes over, it’s nice to have the added touch of warmth and softness that flannel provides. The fibers not only surround you in softness, but also trap your body heat to help envelop you in warmth.

Sleeping cool offers a better night’s rest, so is a higher thread count better? A higher thread count means there are more threads woven together per inch of fabric. In other words, the fabric is tighter, which can offer more smoothness but may not be necessarily as cool

Those who suffer from night sweats might consider Egyptian cotton because it contains wicking capabilities to help absorb sweat. People with allergies would do well to buy mattress and pillow covers that offer protection against dust mites and other allergens. Down comforters are available that have been specially treated and constructed to avoid aggravating some common allergies to natural materials.

Finding the right sheets will help you feel comfortable all night long, without making you wake up in the middle of the night feeling like you’re in an oven or an igloo.

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