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Clearbrook, a nonprofit serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, rebrands.

Clearbrook has been entrusted by families to care for their loved ones with intellectual and developmental disabilities for over sixty years. What started in 1955 as a parent’s response to the unmet educational requirements of their children with special needs, Clearbrook is now a leader in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Clearbrook is one of the only organizations to deliver services for the intellectually and developmentally disabled in a multifaceted way, covering all ages, issues and levels of severity. With more than 60 locations in 160 communities throughout the Chicagoland area, the nonprofit has over 900 staff and hundreds of volunteers, sponsors, and donors.

A few years ago, Clearbrook expanded into Crystal Lake as a response to tremendous growth in the region and need for services. They wanted to establish an official name for the locations, programs, and services offered in the Mchenry County area. Formerly known as Clearbrook McHenry, Clearbrook West reflects all areas served in the surrounding communities. Annually, Clearbrook West supports over 200 individuals as well as their families in over 39 communities, seven counties, and six locations.

“Clearbrook is more than just a nonprofit, we are family, friends, a job, a way to give back, home,” Clearbrook’s President and CEO, Tony Di Vittorio, said.

The organization’s new brand serves as a beacon, focused on the future and what Clearbrook offers. The individual figures generally represent each constituent they serve, including individuals, families, communities, staff, volunteers, donors and leadership. The brand refresh will hopefully excite, unite, and motivate the Clearbrook community and help the nonprofit to provide the best for their individuals for many years to come.

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