This $84 portable air heater warms up in 3 seconds

Stay toasty this winter with this heater and detachable hand warmer.

Tired of suffering in silence in your drafty office cubical? Let’s make winter less detested. The Värme Portable Air Heater will save you from shivering all day. It even comes with a detachable hand warmer so you can hold it to keep your palms warm whether you’re just relaxing at home on the couch or walking to work. Get both of these items on sale for just $84.99 for a limited time only.

All it takes is three seconds, and this portable heater will warm right up and keep you and the space you’re in nice and cozy. Plus, it has an adjustable airflow setting so you can change the output of air to your desired speed. You won’t have to worry about it making you too hot overnight either as it turns off automatically after four hours. If the heater happens to tip over or fall down, it will turn off automatically and alert you as well. Whether you go to sleep with the heater on or take it to work, the Värme heater won’t disturb you or your coworkers. It has a quiet operation of less than 56.9dB.

This 2-in-1 portable heater comes with a detachable hand warmer designed to keep your hands warm no matter what you’re doing. The phase changing wax captures heat, warms up in minutes, and holds a temperature of approximately 122° F/55° C for one hour. When you’re done with it, its magnetic center lets you attach it back to the heater so it can warm up again for next time.

The Värme Portable Air Heater is perfect for heating up small spaces and its minimalistic design will look great in any room of your home as well as your workspace. It’s a small and simple appliance that will come in handy all season long. Grab it while it’s on sale for 14% off.