Letter: Bryson Calvin for Woodstock City Council


I am writing in support of Bryson Calvin for Woodstock City Council.

I have known Bryson since he was in my sixth grade classroom at Olson Middle School. I got to know him better as he was in school with my son, Sean, all the way through high school classes and sports. I always appreciated the quality of his character.

Bryson comes from a family with deep ties to Woodstock and who have always served with pride in community activities. From them, Bryson gets his strong work ethic, his equitability, his respectfulness, his honesty and his servant leadership quality. Bryson knows his own strengths but also recognizes the strengths of others to accomplish a goal. He knows the importance of giving back in that he is part of a senior scholarship fund raiser ever year to help student athletes pursue their college aspirations.

Bryson understands where we need to move forward in our community with one aspect being upgrading our parks and recreation facilities. He also understands we need five-, 10- and 15-year plans for our town to further develop Woodstock. We are the McHenry County seat. We should be at the forefront of what happens in this county.

I like Bryson’s vision. Please vote for him for Woodstock City Council on April 4.

Judy A. Connor