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Letter: Fascism is being institutionalized


The ruling party of authoritarian Democrats has fragrantly weaponized the federal government against flag-waving Americans. The federal government’s fascist practices oppose democracy by indoctrinating children, suppressing and persecuting dissenters and applying unjust double standards. Progressive fascism is everywhere.

Rising inflation has pushed America into a recession. Biden’s bureaucracy of globalists doesn’t care about American families. The progressive bureaucrats’ attempts to substitute words like equity and transition to explain their disastrous global policies doesn’t ease the pain. Arrogant globalists take joy in their autocratic rule that punishes mainstream Americans. Americans are peacefully revolting against Biden’s green energy mandates, open borders and releasing criminals to harm society.

The federal bureaucracy, elected to serve and protect all Americans, operates like a network of insurgent cells conspiring against the will of the people. The supposed “experts” repeatedly claim “I don’t know” answers to critical questions. Their ignorance and/or incompetence is unacceptable. Sound judgment is a core competency for job performance. Repeated unsatisfactory judgment is grounds for dismissal.

A competent politician would ramp up fossil fuel production and start making solar and wind energy products here in America. Instead, Biden is allowing Putin to control the flow and cost of energy across Europe and Asia, and giving China the ability to dictate energy policy in America.

Biden’s goal is a world in chaos and anarchy, benefiting the ultra-wealthy aristocracy and punishing American families.

Rick Dime