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Letter: People and competence over politics


Both political parties are shouting “people over politics,” but we should be shouting “people and competence over politics” instead.

As a citizen of McHenry County, my vote allows my voice to be heard in local, state and national elections. When the County Clerk’s Office makes errors, my vote is threatened.

The Northwest Herald’s excellent reporting reveals that when McHenry County needed to improve its dysfunctional County Clerk’s Office, Joe Tirio continued its problems. These include:

  1. Failing to adjust voting machines when changing ballot language resulting in unreported votes and a countywide recount.
  2. Voters receiving the wrong ballots.
  3. Ballot language errors on a first responders referendum.
  4. An expensive appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court where it unanimously determined Tirio erred in unilaterally throwing out a ballot question.
  5. Major changes to precinct maps resulting in confusion and delays.
  6. An embarrassing Illinois Board of Elections conference call to County Clerk’s Office to educate it on preventing future election problems.

Tirio thinks his four years of election errors are an advantage. They are not.

Mary Mahady’s success running the McHenry Township Assessor’s Office indicates she has what it takes to move the County Clerk’s Office forward with competence and compassion. This means increasing access to voting for all eligible voters, improving the voting processes through accuracy, accountability, and transparency and improving accuracy in the public records handled in the Clerk/Recorder’s office.

It’s not about politics; it’s about competence. I’m voting for competence. I’m voting for Mary Mahady.

Dr. Bruce A. Lane