Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vote for Mahady


At a recent meeting between the McHenry County Board and the current McHenry County Clerk, Joe Tirio, their discussion concerned the previous and upcoming elections. It seems Mr. Tirio is pulling the same tricks this upcoming election as the last: he is removing mail boxes, which were intended for citizens’ ballots. He has sent out a letter notifying many voters of a change in their polling place. The county board was dissatisfied because Tirio had sent out voting cards before the board could approve the changes he made. The changes invoked anger in many citizens because they left so few polling places available to them.

Democratic board members cited Tirio’s incorrect ballot language and formatting, which had messed up vote totals in the previous election. Earlier this year, the Illinois Supreme Court found Tirio had erred in removing a referendum question from a ballot during the November 2020 election.

How many elections can he ruin in order to put himself in office?

Voters, here is the good news: we have a brilliant candidate running for the office of McHenry County clerk. She is well qualified because of years in government experience: Mary Mahady has been elected and re-elected and McHenry Township Assessor ever since 2013. She has a proven record for bringing accountable government service to her community and has saved money for taxpayers.

Listed below are Ms Mahady’s vow to all McHenry County citizens when she is elected to the office of McHenry County Clerk:

  • Ballots will be correctly prepared and presented.
  • Election officials will be properly trained and supported.
  • All eligible voters will have access to our elections.

Vote for Mary Mahady.

Judith Vandenboom