Letters to the Editor

Letter: Woodstock Metra station needs help


I have been riding the Metra train from Park Ridge to Woodstock and back every work day for 19 years. The Woodstock station has many problems the public and the city should be aware of.

The Woodstock station received a $250,000 renovation last year. The waiting room is never open. This past frigid winter, I have seen freezing children and the elderly standing on the platform. With the howling wind, you are not protected by the four wooden platform shelters. Please build a warming shelter, like the Crystal Lake station has with automatic heaters.

The Woodstock Metra station attracts many homeless, leaning on the building, drinking beer and sleeping on the benches. They beg for money from the passengers standing on the platforms. Riders are afraid of them.

I have never seen a Metra policeman patrolling the station. The only time I have seen a Woodstock officer is when he is hiding behind the Metra station, checking if drivers stop at the stop sign on Highway 120 West, across from the Metra station, to give out tickets.

I have dropped off letters at the City Hall of Woodstock on Calhoun Street, complaining about the problems at the Metra station. Nobody has ever gotten back to me. I also contacted Metra about all the problems at the Woodstock station. Their response: “Woodstock is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the station. We forwarded your email to our contact there.”

Richard Brennan

Park Ridge